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Does 'Fans Also Like' Affect Touring?


Does 'Fans Also Like' Affect Touring?

Hey World,


As a supporting component to artists, I help artists understand their demographic and where they are being listened to. This information becomes vital when it pertains to selling merch, booking shows and placing ads for your music to be heard. 


As I work with an artist, I see that their "Fans Also Like" seem to be a great collection of artists, but they pertain to one signature track that has been the leading single for the band for quite some time. The issue is the sound the band is currently gaining traction for is not the same demographic as the "leading single". 


Knowing that "Fans Also Like" is algorithmic controlled, I am curious of what efforts would work best to get this feature to move towards the new sound and aesthetic that the artists is heading towards now? What level of musical growth would the new sound have to experience for their collection of "Fans Also Like" artists to match the current sound? 

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