Don't Judge a Book...


Don't Judge a Book...




So this old saying, "dont judge a book by it's cover" has really hit home with me lately. I love exploring and discovering new music, but sometimes I pass up on bands and artists just because of their names.


A perfect example is most recent discovery, Rainbow Kitten Surprise. I had seen the name before but been like, "What in the world??" and quickly dismissed them. Then just the other week, I gave them a shot. And I can't stop listening! I love them!


So I want to hear from you guys! What's a band/artist you skipped over because of their name at first, but came to really love their music?



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Clown Core


I'm not really a fan of chiptune or music made in the style of old video games but Instant Reality's Turning Point of No Returning Point of No Re caught my eye with that title and then i found their song Drizzle and it was an instant favorite (particularly the part from 1:30 to 2:00, man!)


Unwrthy is the solo RnB-type act of the vocalist from metal band Oceano; I Hurt U could easily get radio-play while Oceano... no. 


As with Clown Core (purposefully left vague, mentioning them in this thread is enough), MILKBLOOD.



Hard to believe these two songs are from the same band.


Oh and the artist Your Neighbors has a.. remarkable pfp, but Smacked is absolutely one of the five songs i'd get stranded on a desert island with.