Eurovision's Greatest/Cheesiest Ever tracks


Eurovision's Greatest/Cheesiest Ever tracks

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Hey guys,


How's it going?


So tomorrow sees the Finals of the greatest competition known to the human kind (and probably animals too). I'm not talking about the FIFA World Cup, or even the Final of the X-Factor! Oh no - this is much greater...It's the final of the Eurovision Song Contest!


So, to get in the mood for this, I was wanting to know 2 things;


1) Which track do you consider the greatest ever Eurovision track ever?


2) Which song would you say is the 'cheesiest' or most cringe-worthy ever to grace the Eurovision finals?


There's been a lot of greats, with tracks such as...




Equally, some of the cheesiest ever songs known to have existed have come from the Eurovisions. How about the UK's entry from 2003...




Don't forget, cheesiest doesn't necessarily mean 'worst'. Some of the greatest have also been the cheesiest.


So, I leave it down to you.


Which tracks from previous Eurovision's have stood out to you the most, and why?


I'm know I'll be rooting for the UK's very own, Lucie Jones


never give up on you



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Re: Eurovision's Greatest/Cheesiest Ever tracks

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Oh my god - I know this is my own could I forget the gift that keeps on giving!