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Favorite Work Out Song


Favorite Work Out Song

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Hello everyone!


I have been constructing a playlist of my favorite work out songs over the last year, and was hoping for some help. What is everyones favorite work out song? I'm into all kinds of music, but this is a hip-hop, rock, techno, and rap based playlist for getting pumped up!


I would love any suggestions / comments!


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Re: Favorite Work Out Song

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My favorite workout song is "Saturate" because it has slower parts but also parts that highly fit an intensive (cardio/ HIIT)-workout:


The Chemical Brothers





But of course I'm not just listening to this song while working out. I have a playlist with electronic music that I shuffle and which is great for my cardio excercies and I recognized that I'm extremely motivated and full of power when the chorus of "Saturate" begins.. 😉