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Favorite artists! Right. Now.


Favorite artists! Right. Now.

Who is/are your absolute favie(s) right now? Which artist(s) can't you stop listening to and deserve to be have their names shouted down from the rooftops? Feel free to respond anything below, don't let the boundaries of genres constrain you. Most of all, let this be a place of inspiration, where we can interchange ideas and your relishes, because - boy! - what a frustrating feeling it is to get stuck in your evergrinding loop of usual artists. Curious to hear from ya

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I'll go first: my favorite band of the moment is Wilco, who I have been following for the past year now. The band has its roots in country rock, but their best work (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Summerteeth, Sky Blue Sky) I would sooner characterize as alternative rock. Their main attraction points are their interesting and experimental gritty production styles and on-point songwriting by mister Jeff Tweedy himself. Honestly, I'd go and check them out, if you haven't heard of them yet. They're the best, just take my word for it..

Ooh (great thread!), my biggest and most loved favourite is Amon Tobin. I do actually shout his name down from rooftops, lol :') no not really

I love everything he has done, from studio albums and EP's to soundtracks to his aliases (Two Fingers, Only Child Tyrant, many more to come).
I'm very very excited that Figueroa (another to come) has him singing! It will obviously be tremendously morphed because that's what he does, but the softness of his voice echoes thrugh.

Here's three Amon Tobin examples:




I might also be somewhat glued to Alix Perez' certain tracks. Melodrama and Suffer In Silence are such incredible tracks for me, the harmonies, the atmosphere, that sublime enveloping low end that I can feel within. I love them!



I also love Datach'i, despite the fact I haven't really gone through his older works (sculptures of sharp shards of metal and glass). The later works feel warm. This one especially:



Those 3 I can think of from the top of my head.
I actually went to visit a wild apple tree bearing very sweet apples. When I fetched one apple from the tree, I got hit in the head by another.
So I might have forgotten something... : )

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Lately I have been digging a lot of UK music like The Pale White, The Amazons and Dan Owen.

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