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Film Scores Thread


Film Scores Thread

Just a simple thread to post film scores and your honest opinions on them. Doesn’t matter if it’s a movie you love, hate, or never even seen.

Classic movie and a beloved one of mine. It probably has one of the most powerful leitmotifs of all time.

Dinosaur was probably one of the most BORING movies I've ever seen. 82 minutes of dinosaurs and lemurs(?!) wandering around through the desert. It didn't deserve a soundtrack this good.

Never even saw the movie, let alone read the book at the time of writing; the soundtrack to The da Vinci Code has this very mystical feel to it - almost as if it amends the plotholes and inaccuracies the book and film had.  It almost feels like I'm there in the Louvre at dark.

I always get a sense of nostalgia, adventure, and longing from this one.

Someone once recommended this soundtrack to me, saying that I should enjoy the soundtrack since I'm a big fan of classical music. Album didn't disappoint!

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Soooo many great film scores. 


Here's a couple that I always return to:


Vangelis' score for Blade Runner is awesome - so apt for the landscape and feel of the film. It doesn't just describe, but inscribes. The initial build-up, and the release, which in the movie coincides with the full view of the city gives me shivers.


Michael Nyman has scored many, many films over the years. But The Piano is still my favourite. Obviously music is essential to the film. The 'mute' lead expresses herself through the piano, so the score is more than just scene setting, it is expression itself.


Jonny Greenwood (of Radiohead) has scored all kinds of films now, and keeps experimenting. This is a dark, dark movie, so the hugely uplifting moments really stand out. But my favourite piece is the brooding electro of the Dark Streets.


Final pick (for now! I could go on...) is another classic composer, Ennio Morricone. His touch is impeccable and his ability to manipulate emotions is never clearer than with the Cinema Paradiso soundtrack. So much in this, that we had the theme played at my wedding!  


Ennio Morricone is amazing. I love The Ecstacy of Gold and The Trio. That amount of sheer emotion is just washing over me... No words.

I recently listened to quite a lot of Eskmo, who's doing sound for 13 Reasons Why series that's on Netflix. I don't have Netflix and thus have never seen a single episode, but I do have access to the soundtrack... : )

My favourite is most probably the 2nd season. It has those beautiful orchestral bits that offer so much depth into the already emotional sound.


I Love You and I Let You Go is so beautiful!



Here are my top 5:


5 - Whiplash - Incredible and SO catchy. Give this a listen if you're into jazz because that is the entire soundtrack in a nutshell.


4 - Inception - I am a huge fan of Hans Zimmer's work and this soundtrack is sublime. There is a good amount of variety in this soundtrack too if you like an all-rounder soundtrack.


3 - The Holiday - Another Zimmer soundtrack, and a perfect soundtrack for a romantic film. The strings are *chef's kiss*


2 - We Bought a Zoo - This soundtrack is so raw and powerful because of its use of rhythm and vocals. Jonsí is a genius for creating such a magical sound.


1 - August Rush - I stress you to a) watch this film and b) listen to this soundtrack (especially the perfection of August's Rhapsody) so you can hear Mark Mancina's GENIUS work. There are a variety of songs offered as well as work from Kaki King who is an excellent creative.


On top of these, if you're also a Zimmer fan, give 'The World of Hans Zimmer' concert album a listen to hear suites from his famous soundtracks. These don't do justice for the live performances but offer brilliant medleys played by incredible instrumentalists.


Ohhh, love this thread! Soundtracks are my favorite thing to listen to.


My top 1 of all times would be from Game of Thrones. The soundtrack was part of the story in such a brilliant way. Each house had a different tune, you could just listen in and tell who was involved or if something was gonna happen without even looking.
In my opinion it reached peak of mastery in season 6:


Ramin Djawadi is a genius and his music amazing. I'm very biased here though, I know haha.


Best next would be the soundtrack from the His Dark Materials series. Oh wow. I'd read the books young and was happy to hear that there would be a series but when I heard the track to the opening titles, I fell in love. Simply amazing: 



I'm aware that the title of the thread calls out for a film soundtrack but I couldn't skip these two, they're high up my list 😄


@beccadoesmusic 's selection of the Inception soundtrack would also feature in my favorites. To be honest though, I'm pretty sure anything Hans Zimmer composes is amazing so that's not a big surprise it was so good. Another favorite of his is from Dark Phoenix: spotify:album:12fXY8Frs87K8Rh3hkY72X 

Great work in The Crown too: spotify:track:21u2gUlh5Iun4ogGGqKVum 

And since we're here, thanks for that playlist you shared on the whole work of Hans Zimmer @beccadoesmusic! I've saved it to enjoy later.


Bonus mentions on two individual tracks from series that have stayed with me:

They are both so playful and in perfect tune with the series they're from.

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