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Have some of the Zappa albums already been pulled from the Australian version of Spotify? I could have sworn that more albums were there this morning, and some that remain seem to have been largely greyed-out.

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That meens its rolling out, you will get them all in the next few days, it takes a while for them to proccess by the look of it, i had the same hthing in the uk for around 2 weeks and then they all came on monday and have been here since 😉


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Sinornis - Try clicking on the album name. Do the tracks appear now?
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Posted by David.


What sort of connection issues are you running into, Gubby?


Although, I have to say things have improved slightly over the last week. The previous month I have been plagued with error messages. The main one being " cannot play ******** connection to Spotify has been lost". This occurred on an almost daily basis especially in the evening.


I stream Spotify to two Sonos S5's and have not been sure whether it is a Spotify issue. A Spotift/Sonos Issue, or a broadband issue. As during these outages I can log on to Spotify on my laptop, I am assumng it is a Spotify/Sonos issue.


I took out a free trial with Napster and Napster has worked fine during this period, so I guess you can see what I am thinking!!


Thanks for the reply though David.

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my only concern is there being remastered does this mean there being uber compressed to sound good on laptops and headphones. and is there another option to have the original masters.

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If you want Zappa Music...



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The material of 200 Motels still does not exist. I would like them to be added as well!