Friendly feedback


Friendly feedback


Because the feedback page isn’t available, I’m gonna spill my little rant on here in hopes it gets seen by somebody.


First off all, I absolutely love Spotify, could have been a spokes person for y’all with how many people I’ve convinced to use the app, and even got the family plan to force it on loved ones so that they could spread the word.. that being said, I am suuuuuper bummed about it lately. The Go To Radio options have been disappointing, and not at all relevant to the song’s station. Rather than it being similar to the song itself, it’s usually based of the artists but it’ll play the contemporary music when the song is a throw back. So I think y’all need to get your timelines a little better. I understand being up to date with what’s popular is important, but it’s all played out. Y’all need a little more variety. The categories used to be dope, but now it’s basically 5 Spotify made playlists with the same exact songs on it, and for every genre it’s been an issue. Also my Discover weekly hasn’t been as amazing as I used to brag about. I mean, if y’all need someone to take care of that,.. I got you. I honestly just rather have the people I told great things about Spotify to be as happy as I was when I first got it.