Girls 'Generation missing songs

Girls 'Generation missing songs

Hello I want to ask why not every song of Girls 'Generation is available on Spotify. I know that I will become the same answer on this topic like everyone but I want to know why people contact SM and they say it' s a good idea to implement it internationally but say that Spotify hasn't contacted them yet. I don't want to sound harsh but the suggestions for this topic are on YouTube and other platforms. It would also increase the amount of listeners. There are some popular songs but only the japanese version is available(Gee, Mr Taxi, Run **bleep** Run... ). Please Spotify I was long patient. And please don't give the users if it is possible the same answer on this topic. I love Spotify and I listen to my song literally all the time but it makes

me a little bit sad. To read suggestions from 2016 or older that are closed with no reason. 



Thank you I look to your reply on this topic. 


Sincerely your daily K-Pop listener 


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I'm glad someone is talking about this. Spotify, I've seen answers about "we can't get the songs because it's up to the labels." What can we do as Sone as Girls' Generation fans do to get our albums on Spotify? 

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