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Got any music recommendations?


Got any music recommendations?

Hey everyone! I just joined the Spotify community. Does anyone have any music you recommend. Honestly, I'm so tired of all this mainstream music and want to listen to something good and original. I have followed some artists that aren't very popular but they haven't released anything recently. My favorites are Lecrae, Lindsey Stirling, Avicii, 20syl, Hocus Pocus, and Selena Gomez. Anyone feel free to reply thanks!
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Hej you should check out this electronic pop duo:

If you like underrated pop music I'd highly recommend listening to some of Peking duk's songs. I personally really enjoy listening to their music because it makes me feel really energetic and ready to start the day 🙂

Hi @trey790,

New non-mainstream music is my field of study. I curate playlist (on a weekly) basis with new emerging artists (mainly indie rock/pop) and follow other playlist curators that also enjoy discovering new unknown artists. Here are my 5 favourite playlists::

Just Discovered

Most Promising

HillyDilly : New Music

Crack in the Road - New Music on Repeat

Spotify's Fresh Finds

For a change try some traditional music from Botswana, Southern Africa. Still an undiscovered sound.

Check out my playlist of Miami Rap / Hip Hop / R&B artist.

DaCrib Playlist.png





Hmm, I can always recommend you some of my favorite songs. I'm not sure how mainstream these songs are, but here you go!
I know this is a mess, this playlist is mostly for my own use whenever I want to listen to certain artists considering this playlist has like 60 songs by select artists. But, maybe you could find new songs from this?

Check out one of my favorites, Ayelle 🙂



Follow me

Some people I got to school with - groove based electronic music! check out their new album






Yo! I feel you!


This is a playlist I've made of some completely random stuff. Mostly chill (I love chill), but also some nice beats- A hint of EDM type stuff- And who knows what else.

(I update it pretty often, and remove the tracks I get bored of. This is my go to spotify playlist! 🙂 )


hope you enjoy, and find some new stuff!


(when I find random playlists, I generally click the songs and skim through a few parts, and the ones that catch my attention, I add to the playlist above!)





Hope you enjoy this 😉


City of Dreams – MC Rich

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Hey how's it going? I manage this dude NIMAR out of LA and he's on the come up. Really cool sound. Check it out and give him a follow if you like it!

Hi, I recommend you "MOLINO GARAGE" is a good artist with really good songs

just listen and share!! 

You can listen through my favorites here. Maybe there's something you like 🙂

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