Great Soundtracks to Bad Movies


Great Soundtracks to Bad Movies


You've ever heard the saying, "Death of the Author"?  The idea that a writer's background and their work are unrelated?  That the reader can interpret the work outside of the creator's thoughts and ideas?  Sometimes I feel like the same can be said about some movie soundtracks as well.  Why does it seem like a lot of bad movies tend to have great scores?  Why does it feel so easy to enjoy the soundtrack to a film you've never even watched?  Does anyone ever get the feeling they like to listen to movie music regardless of what the film was about?
Dinosaur was probably one of the most BORING movies I've ever seen. 82 minutes of dinosaurs and lemurs(?!) wandering around through the desert. It didn't deserve a soundtrack this good.

Various inaccuracies aside and never even saw the movie, let alone read the book at the time of writing, The da Vinci Code has this very mystical feel to it.  It almost feels like I'm there in the Louvre at dark.