How do YOU grow YOUR fanbase?


How do YOU grow YOUR fanbase?


Hey guys!

As a songwriter-publisher in the community, I'd love to know how you upcoming artists choose to build your fanbase. No need to reveal your "hidden gems", but please feel free to share what you please about the strategy you choose to grow the amount of fans who support your Spotify music. 


From my experience, telling friends and family and promoting Spotify links on other social media platforms always works. But what about new people you dont know who may be interested in coming along for the ride? 

I've signed a single record deal about a year ago (minor and just for promotion) that landed me about 150 out of the 200 Spotify followers I currently create for, but how would you reccommend reaching that next tier of followers? 


Recently, I established an independent publishing company affiliated with BMI and I'm pushing hard to make my mark in the music industry as independent as possible, however possible. 

I'd love to hear what you guys have to think! 🙂


Let's network!

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Re: How do YOU grow YOUR fanbase?


Hello 🙂

Depending on the kind of music you do you can go on specialized forums, reddit, facebook page+groups and twitter, maybe google+ too 

You can do general promotion and targeted by beeing active on groups of people directly liking the kind of work you're doing. 

Giving time to other people is also a good way of beeing discovered. You discover the work of other artists and engage with them. Some of them will just say thank you but most of serious people will take at least a few minutes to have a look at your work and send you a word back 🙂

There's no magic, the more time you spend, the more you increase your chances to grow. 
In bonus you can get sometimes some good news, someone putting your music in a very active playlist or beeing selected by Spotify itself in one of their discovery playlists.

If you use a youtube channel to present your music be sure to have some spotify links in video description and in the channel quick links, this way you'll have some people that will bounce and come to spotify.

Spotify has the advantage to be very popular and very friendly user, it's an interactive platform on which you can really find new fans and engage with people via this forum community and other methods. Spotify has a lot of options to embed your music on many platforms.
There's a real life after your music release and you can really make things to promote it 🙂 

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