How to get into death grips?


How to get into death grips?


Hi all,

Recently I've been wanting to expand the range of music I listen to, and the band 'Death Grips' really intrigues me. I have listened to a couple of their songs, and so far I really like 'Got Get' and 'Up my Sleeves'. I think instrumentally the music is amazing, I think it is the lead vocalists voice that is making me dislike some songs (when it comes to experimental music I usually lean towards more ambient stuff/less abrasive vocals, more music centred).


Could any fans eccomend me any good songs for me to listen to as a begginner? If it helps, I am a really big Bjork, SOPHIE and Arca fan (I have heard people compare death grips to these artists).


Any reccomendations is much appreciated 🙂