I am thinking about canceling my subscription.


Re: I am thinking about canceling my subscription.


There's no PayPal option for Rdio, same price (if you don't get Premium for free), no local files, inferior audio quality, no advanced search, no offline mode on the desktop, no simultaneous streaming, "web" player requires flash, no librdio, no SqueezeBox support, no crossfade, not even a Linux client. Just a shabby office: http://imgur.com/bcYNf


Good luck with that.

Re: I am thinking about canceling my subscription.

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They've totally sold out to Facebook. They made it a requirement for new users to log in using Facebook and are making it extremely difficult to stop sharing things in there. New users cannot disable Facebook without losing Spotify as well. If this is not selling out, what is?


Anyway, I did try out that Rdio thing. They suffer from the same thing almost everyone else does: their design is too much like a browser. The desktop app is exactly the same as their web interface. Grooveshark is the only competitor that has a sensible interface, but their messy library and legal status is quite known.


I still canceled my subscription and will be using free spotify until my six months run out. Don't want to pay money to Facebook sellouts.

vague numbers ...


That's exactly the opposite from what this story says..




So are the big record-labels the ones who are collecting bigtime? again/still ..

Re: I am thinking about canceling my subscription.


I know I may just be reiterating, but here is my opinion. Using spotify premium I'm paying 1/2 or 1/3 of what I used to pay, but I'm listening to at least 3x the music. Before my music was limited to what I had bought and paid for on my ipod (in the last 5 years I'd spent over $1,000 on music). But now, I know many more artists and listen to music while I'm doing almost everything. So, even if the royalties are small, many more artists are getting paid for my listening and over a long time, if I really like a song, even more then they would have made on itunes. So, if lots of people are doing this the artists are getting paid fairly, especially because before getting spotify lots of people were pirating music. So, while the OP's opinion makes sense, I think on a larger scale Spotify is much better for distributing and paying artists.

Re: I am thinking about canceling my subscription.


Well, for "Classical" music. It is much more helpful for the artists when you listen to Spotify rather than just look up music on youtube...

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Re: I am thinking about canceling my subscription.

Nicely said, Prof_Moriarty.

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Re: I am thinking about canceling my subscription.

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Here's the point of view of an italian 40 years old that was born and still live in a little village (less than 1.000 people population) 50 Km away from Roma that started to buy music releases from when was a child and saw more than 100 gigs, from DJ to punk-hc, from stadium to squats.. 

30 or 20 years ago the only way to listen music was TV music program (as DJ Television), Radio programs or going to music shops.
To me (and all others like me) it was a bit more expensive because at the price of releases you have to add the price of the trip (fuel, highway or bus ticket, etc.) and the time and the difficult  of going to gig as in the evening after a work-day, coming back home at late nite and the next morning wake up early and start to work again .... but youngness is set also fot that, isn'it? ;-). 
As you easily understand i started to collect musicassettes and Vynil (33, 45 rpm, 7", 12", and so on) and cd's, VHS, etc. A very good music collection.

Now i can say:
As everything in life, there's the mainstream and the alternative. 
Make an example about metal music:
bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden or Red Hot Chili Peppers are mainstream, they are good musicians, and you can find their music or releases everywhere, from the little music shop of province to radio or TV program. The same for their gig's.
But if you are interested to explore some more of metal music or you like alternative genres of metal here starts the difficult: where i can get info about these kinds of bands? Where i can listen their music just to have an idea? Where i can listen different bands of the same music-kinds to choice my favorite (respect for all)?
Spotify is one step to make it legal because, in alternative, you do it in illegal way, as Youtube or Emule.
About Emule you can check on the Facebook page of USA band of Gravitar about a "cd of pirated material from Italy”. If you believe or not I did that cd (it’s my handwriting) downloading from e-mule about 10 years ago when I rent a room in Rome where was fast-web connect. I like the music of Gravitar (although they never played in Italy) and spread thei music by that cd. Some months ago I wrote by e-mail to Eric Cook (the drummer) and he replied that “someone harvested some early and rare and few-time-released material of Gravitar and, ad now he seen, upped it on the web”.
So I did a great job (the reason my cd is on their FB page) but also I did a great illegal thing so I crushed and throw it away as all the illegal video and music material I got by the web, mainly by e-mule.     

So, at the least, the question is: What is the ethic of program like Spotify, e-mule, youtube, etc.?
Making money or voilenting the privacy spreading music or video as more as possible? Selecting the "mainstream culture" (in this case of music) burying the minor ways? I mean, Metallica, Iron Maiden and R.H.C.P. are millionaires, so the cheap royalties from Spotify you said makes no differencet. But for the rest? Do i have to think that someone pushes people about " or this or illegal"? Why?

Some months ago I started to buy some music relesases on DISCOGS. I bought it from private or music-shop but an order of mine of 125€ from a music shop of London never arrived! I paid it with bank credit and the seller replied to me "I received money and tomorrow i'll send the cd's-pack" so how it happened? Very curious things came out when i started to look for it (if you want to know check it on my blog:  http://blog.libero.it/sedatives/view.php?id=sedatives&pag=4&gg=0&mm=0)

About bands not listed Spotify replies that this is due for others problems (label, copyrights,etc.) and it's not a choice of Spotify itself. But if an artist or label get money (cheap as you want) and visibility from Spotify how it can be?  

The fact is: legal is legal and illegal is illegal and you cannot say “I know but I did it as I don’t know” ad Adamo and Eva in the Bible!

For me e ethic starts from thing like this

HONEST FAN YOUTUBE JUST FOR FUN! As user of youtube and other similar internet program I declare that absolutely NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED from me. I know all copyrights belong to their respectful owners. This is made purely for entertainment not profit to a wider knowledge. Please support artist scene buying official releases or going to their show whenever it's possible for you.

or this

Thanks for writing in.
Here's our policy : As long as no money is being exchanged, we support all
sharing of any format of Fugazi live recordings be they tapes, CDRs, or
audio files on the web. We do not support THE SALE of any of these formats,
even for nominal amounts so our policy is basically - its free or its not
cool with us.

All the best - Guy/Fugazi
Fonte: https://archive.org/details/Fugazi

or, if you have web-bites to spend , listen web-radio or use Spotify.

P.S.: about the privacy not to mention the NSA scandal of last months or electromagnetics deseases!

try to add this to your e-mail, not save you from "spy" but it has a legal value
Clausola di riservatezza - Le informazioni contenute in questo messaggio sono da intendersi solo per la/e persona/e a cui sono indirizzate e possono contenere documenti confidenziali e/o materiale riservato. Qualsiasi modifica, inoltro, diffusione o altro utilizzo relativo alle informazioni trasmesse da parte di persone diverse dai destinatari indicati, sono proibiti ai sensi del decreto legislativo 196/2003. Se avete ricevuto questo messaggio per errore siete cortesemente invitati a cancellarlo immediatamente.

Disclaimer - The information contained in this message and any attachment is intended for the recipient(s) designated only, is confidential and may be privileged or otherwise protected from disclosure. Therefore, the contents of this message may not be re-transmitted, copied or revealed to a third party without first obtaining the permission of the sender. If this e-mail is received in error, please delete it immediately.

Re: I am thinking about canceling my subscription.

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Re: I am thinking about canceling my subscription.

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this because Spotify needs Adobe Flash Player and about Yoututbe as posted upon.

Someone can tell me how to restrict the up post?

Re: I am thinking about canceling my subscription.

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about I previously i wrote of course there are more programs like Spotify so at least what the user want: listen music completely free without leaving his chair or use web-programs to "update" his music passion formed on releases and gigs?