I want to share my track with you.


I want to share my track with you.


I started releasing music a couple of months ago and I just want to share my current track with you guys.


I don't know where I can submit my music most music blogs or what ever wanna get payed only for submitting music to them. I also haven't found the right playlist curators to share my music with them. I don't know where to find them and I  searched a lot on the internet. Those few I found online either didn't watch out for new music or they just pick music which is already known by artists who are already established and in case you find one who would pick new music you can't reach out to them because to many people sending their music.


I just found some sites where you can submit your music to a couple of playlists but thats the only possibility I found to share my tracks which are on spotify.  I just share my track here I hope its alright. Maybe you have some tips for me where I could submit my stuff?? here my track:







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Its a struggle to find decent blogs that dont require any pay. Its one of the hardest aspects of the business side of music. Your track is really nice by the way and I like how it builds up!

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I can relate on so many levels. It can be a bit discouraging because artist put a lot of work into making great music and people take advantage.  If you have moment check me out. Zion IG:iamziondafro