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Interjected songs when playing liked songs.


Interjected songs when playing liked songs.

While playing LIKED SONGS (while walking the dog for example) I get annoying new songs suggested by a DJ or artificial intelligence.  I have to reach for the phone, stop the play, select another selection, put phone away and continue on.. 


I select maybe 1 in 20 or more that Spotify selects, so I don't get it. I get it that it's a suggestion, BUT please, NOT NOW.  There is a reason I am playing "Liked Songs".

I don't listen to Serious SM, it's like listening to commercial radio, One good song followed by a series of not to good songs.  Feature would be tolerable IF I can select it.


Sorry for the rant.  Anyone agree, not agree?

John P.


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Do you have Smart Shuffle on?

It does this and you have Premium?

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