Is it just me or the Daily Mix algorithm change?

Is it just me or the Daily Mix algorithm change?



Whatever you guys did @ Spotify to make Daily Mixes more robust - THANK YOU!  I started to feel months ago they were getting stale and repetitive, but I've noticed in the last month its refreshing with favorites I haven't heard in months and sometimes years. I like that the music seems more varied and has a bigger mix of artist that I follow than the 5-6 I seem to have on repeat at any given time period.  Not sure if others are experiencing the same thing.

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Hey @Hermit_Coast - that's so great to hear, thanks for sharing your positive experience with the Community 🙂


I personally haven't been listening to my Daily Mixes so much recently (I spend most of my time creating radio playlists based on songs I like), so I'll let others speak instead.


Thanks again - take care 💚



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