JMSN - Velvet (New Album Recommendation)


JMSN - Velvet (New Album Recommendation)

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Christian Berishji a.k.a JMSN is a multi-instrumentalist, record producer and a singer-sogwriter from Michigan.

Our first enconter with JMSN was back in 2012 when he released Priscilla, an album he produced himself and led him to exposure.

Since 2012, JMSN had released 5 full length albums all released under "White Room Records" (Christians own record label representing 2 more artists other than him).


Velvet isn't innovativly produced but has the smell of an old record that you open and play on your record player for the first time you get a date at home.

This album makes me wanne light candles and just commit.


JMSN reminds me of the mid 00's R&B singers who each of their songs made you want dance smothly with someone.

In my opinion and considering he does everything by himself, Velvet is a great album.

Funk, R&B, Jazz, Rap, Electro all merged in one sexy package.


Fav Tracks: Talk Is Cheap, Levy, So Badly