Las Vegas Peace playlist

Las Vegas Peace playlist



I discovered the peace playlist on spotify after it changed around the time of the Las Vegas shooting, I can not remember the description but it was for sure related to it.


I got really attatched to it but did not for a second think about saving it. I did not expect spotify to just change it.


Does anyone here have access to the Peace playlist made after the Las Vegas shooting or know how I could possibly find an archive of it again?



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Ben - I agree - That playlist meant a lot to me in the days after that tragedy.  Could someone bring that back or send a listing of the songs?

I'm sad to see this still is still hanging.  Spotify apparently updated the Peace Playlist today and my daughter is SOBBING and missing her familiar bedtime playlist.  Does anyone know how I can access the 'old'/recent playlist or applicable list of songs? She's heartbroken and I too didn't realize it would change. 😕

I just spent a VERY LONG TIME on this.  Spotify's customer service was absolutely no help.  45 minutes into our chat he said there's nothing they could do.


BUT a lot of googling taught me how to see my listening history.  I scrolled down until I recognized a song from the Peace playlist.
I googled "Peace Playlist spotify [song]" and noticed that Google still had the old playlist cached.  I clicked the 3 dots next to the applicable search result > Cached > Text only version... AND THERE IT WAS!  A list of the songs!  

So if you want to recover a cherished playlist - maybe those steps will help you.  For anyone else who ends up here looking to recover the Peace Playlist as of June 2021 - here's the playlist:

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