Let's embrace those Guilty Pleasures


Let's embrace those Guilty Pleasures

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Hey Guys!


For those who've read any of The Tip-Off articles we here love discovering new music, especially when we find some awesome guilty pleasures 😉


So, I want to know what are your favorite guilty pleasures?


- The odd track that pops up in your Discover Weekly that just scratches that itch? 

- The cheesiest track in the world?  

- That track that you instantly skip when you're with your friends, but secretly want to play it at full volume while mispronouncing the lyrics?


I reckon we'll find some absolute gems among this thread 🙂


To kick off here's mine... 






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Re: Let's embrace those Guilty Pleasures

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I always skip this one when I have people over! 

Re: Let's embrace those Guilty Pleasures

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Hey @lukebotham!


Why?! That's awesome. I love the funk and energy. 


Can honestly say I've never listened to him before, but can quickly see this getting added to my "Sweet Jams" playlist 🙂


Next time you've got friends over, turn it up to 11!

Re: Let's embrace those Guilty Pleasures

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Mandy Moore has always been seen as a bit of a "guilty pleasure". Her earlier sound of cheesy pop reminiscent of the likes of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears might not have reached the dizzy heights that they did, but there was always something about Mandy that I preferred to the other two. 


As she's aged, her music has become more mature, swapping the cheesy pop for self-written pop tunes with a definite folk "Fern Dell" below. Actually, check out that whole album. I actually quite enjoy it. 🙂


Also, some of you may recognise her as Rapunzel in Disney's Tangled. She provided the voice-over and singing! And that's another album to check out if you have the time...

Re: Let's embrace those Guilty Pleasures


I always skip this song when there's people around but I turn it up to the max volume walking on the street with my headphones... I guess is just too cheesy.



Have a good day!

- edbangershow

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Re: Let's embrace those Guilty Pleasures


The only guilty pleasure I have is sleep.

The Artist that can make me sleepy in about 2 minutes id Danis

Don't get me wrong his music is awesome and I understand that you speak about something more dirty than this but when I am about to sleep things getting interesting

Re: Let's embrace those Guilty Pleasures


I feel a little guilt because as a person she is kind of problematic, but I have pretty much all of Broke With Expensive Taste memorized at this point 



Another guilty pleasure of mine was popularized by one of the best teen dramas to come out of the early 00s: the O.C. The "mmmm whatcha say" scene has turned into an internet meme and SNL even made fun of it, but I still love the song. 


Re: Let's embrace those Guilty Pleasures


i have a whole playlist of 'guilty pleasure' tracks...


Re: Let's embrace those Guilty Pleasures

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Rock Star 11

Woah @Jim, you`re a genius, this topic is just hilarious! xD 


Me and my friend's have a ritual to listen at each others discover weekly`s every Monday and laughs at others recommendations! This week I was the winner with this song.. Just I`ve never been so ashamed because of a discover ;X 




btw: This is Jim`s new song! haha 

Sorry Jim, didn`t resited to share this 


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