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Listen to This: Folk/ Americana


Listen to This: Folk/ Americana

If you aren't already listening to This Is The Kit (alias of Kate Stables) you need to start today. 


For fans of Cate le Bon, Sharon Van Etten, Kurt Vile...check it out.



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@meahtenoha great recommendation. It has a "recorded in my bedroom" vibe that I really enjoy. I think with Folk that quality really works because folk lends itself to a more personal feel (one person and a guitar). Thanks for the recommendation.

thanks for sharing. i like it!

here is my artist link _ think you might dig it. lots of different syles.

please follow if you like. thanks


I have a reccomendation for Folk / Americana:


Their EP "Whispered" is fantastic! I just looked on their facebook page and they just played a festival with This is the kit!!!

@meahtenoha so immersive 😮 leaves you in a daze


a promising folk artists from Australia (again XD) - he was featured on triple J unearthed



Kinda likin' The Dead Tongues lately.

The Dead Tongues

I stumbled upon this guy from Facebook and its normally not a genre I listen to, but I like his music.

Justin Johnson

@rowswar good find - sweet covers ❤️

Thanks for the tip, great track. Just added to my New Alt Country Voices playlist...


More Americana to spice up any camping or river trips you might be going on!

Hope you find something you enjoy!
Soli Deo Gloria!

I have a song suggestion for Folk Americana. I'd like your opinion. If it would indeed be Folk/ Americana ..


Yep! Americana definitely!


Please also listen to one of my songs:

I'd like to recommend this band, Mink's Miracle Medicine, definitely will love if you're into Nicki Lane, Margo Price, that kind of thing...

Hi! My first two singles are primarily on guitar and Uke, can you let me know if these are considered folk or Americana. I'm not really sure how to genre my own music, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks and best regards, Chelewynne.

Hey all! Please check out my favourite band: Marvin Dee Band from Rotterdam, Netherlands! They're making some amazing Art Rock/Americana that I hope you'll enjoy! 

New album coming very soon!

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