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MY FAVOURITE SONGS thread by Sebasty


MY FAVOURITE SONGS thread by Sebasty

Hey! 🙂


I've been wanting to start a thread for introducing tunes that I discover and find awesome in all different ways I love. My love for music is bubbling and I need an outlet! :'D

I return to this thread whenever I remember to... : )


Check out latest posts for latest inclusions!


I hope the artists and tunes find new listeners too!


You may suggest me music to hear, but I set a couple of rules first to keep things clean:
1. Please no playlists!
2. You may post your own music, but don't post the same thing in several threads in a row. I will remove it otherwise.
3. A recommendation - introduce the sounds you want me to hear. A plain play button won't attract anyone.

To new music!

16 Replies

So I return: #1.


Amon Tobin released his new single today off his upcoming album named Fear in a Handful of Dust with the release date on April 26th, and since I love Amon, this will obviously end up here too:


Sound of an ethereal fairytale in an enchanted forest. Amon builds magic now.
Beatless melody and might need 20+ listens to fully grasp what's going on in this song (and album).. I am all up for it!


Lorn released a new album consisting of rarities (so the release's name is RARITIES) which contains some really beautiful things, such as this song called "HOPE YOU'LL STAY":


I love it so much: soft piano melody repeating itself whilst the male vocal echoes throughout the track via some distorting portal... It sounds beautiful in a romantic way.


I went through old favourites and found this song by Blur - 1992:


a very emotional tune. The sounds and melodies in the track reflect the feelings really perfectly... And it grows!


I found Thomas Vaquié through an Amon fan... and found a spectacularly crafted album called Ecume.
It's a collision of symphony, found sound and everything you know disassembled in a changing universe which feels dangerously close to collapsing. Awesome!

It is a journey, at times truly unsettling, and then feeling like it's stabilizing again. That particular song is also beatless, but other songs contain some fierce beats (or crashes). Just listen to the whole album, it's worth it!


If you're into ambience, you should definitely look into Funki Porcini. This guy's music is soul-lifting...
This song named Kings Road Tesco Express:


is so beautiful I cried when I first heard it (and well, still do to this day). I really recommend listening to the entire album!


There is also Moody Good's album named This Is The Investigation. Every track on the album is different, but they are brought together by this... what I'd call low-pass atmosphere. It really is almost like an underwater record.


That tune is quite a fabulous one! Sensuality of triphop through the distorted surface of a lake.


I've been waiting for the release of Stereo Yout by Traumatize since I heard it in Noisia set:


The lyrics and dialect of the man makes me smirk a little: "When I was a little stereo, I'd listen to some [bleep-bleep]".

The entire EP is a wild ride of bold sounds and awesome beat! (Most High is really cool!)


And now to this track by The Mysterines which I found dropped in a completely wrong playlist :')

A lo-fi sounding cool indie track with high energy with an awesome female singer!
There is also virtually no information available on them. 🙂


Ending this post with a bit of a bang:

Hard Problem by Disprove

with a HARD beat. Like, seriously harsh beat that hits!



I am back with #2
Been rather quiet, so a bit less content this time, I think.


The admin of Amon's group (and pages) has been really into this new release by HEALTH. I  got curious, gave in and gave it a listen: it was interesting!
The album's name is "VOL.4 :: SLAVES OF FEAR", and the song that stood up the most for me is this:


I am not sure what genre it is, it feels like a touch of everything with an aggressive sidenote. The track I love has this longing feeling with abysmal depth.


Another tune I came across is what I think might be lo-fi hiphop by Tonewerk. A new release by a very unknown artist. This is an awesome track:

The vocals introduce goosebumps. Majority of this artist's tracks seem to follow similar laid-back and dreamy state, so a good recommendation for your chillout evenings!


Chee released a new album recently called "Read Once Then Destroy", it has 4 tracks with names of each combining the same phrase.
This is a nice example:


Chee is all about some awesome bassy beats. 'Read' is a bit more laidback, songs following it have sharper rhythms, but they all get me excited!
Especially when played a tad louder than I should.


For people that are looking for ambience, I can definitely recommend Steeltongued by Hecq. Majority of the album is not really purely ambient - it is gloomy and has some sharp beats and rather wicked sound design (especially in 'I Will Survive'), but there is a Hypnos trilogy at the end which is beautiful, cinematic and not as gloomy:




I highly recommend listening to these 3 tracks in succession as they go into one another.


Finishing off with this collaboration between The Scratch and Damon Albarn:


Slow-pace hiphop beat with beautiful melodies. Damon Albarn also knows how to make things pretty 🙂


(recommendations are welcome)

Good morning, I think it's time for #3 🙂


A few weeks ago I got introduced to Animal Collective and I really like this tune:

The lyrics are as crushing as the beat in the tune, really emotional.
I love how this song has been built up, his singing and the soft repetitive piano melody really work well together.

The band is very adventurous when it comes to genres and styles, but their top tag seems to be noise rock.


Around the same time I learned about Floex, a clarinet player and composer-producer. I love this tune:


It's really pretty and calm. Loving how it expands in the middle, and the string instrument coming after that just brings goosebumps. The entire atmosphere does!


Someone (posting albums under #dailyweirdmusic) introduced people to Sabled Sun and I'm glad I took a listen.

This Swedish artist creates beautiful dark ambient melodies which feel like actual space rather than just fragments and fancy bits. There is a prominent post-apocalyptic storyline throughout his albums.
Here is a taste on what to expect:



I've been binge-watching beatbox loopstation competitions and there are some really awesome artists, one of such is Saro.

All of the sounds in the track is his voice recorded and manipulated on his RC-505.
He is really good at creating dancy tunes out of thin air and his technique has the entire hall (and the jury) up and dancing. :')


Another that definitely deserves a mention is MB14. He is a looper like Saro, but he also has incredible singing voice, being able to recreate amazing atmospheres using just his voice (and RC-505).
The live version of this tune is incredible:



If you're interested in more, look at Swissbeatbox on Youtube. GBBB 2019 is coming up too in April and there are some really cool artists competing.


My family member who I shamelessly converted into using Spotify and liking Amon Tobin finds awesome tunes. One of them is Unkle's "In a State". I want to share a reworked version of it:

It feels more emotional than the original, but honestly I love both versions, so 🙂


Frank Riggio came out with a new moniker called Aqka Torr, under which he released Bassaigu. He wished to have an outlet for more accessible music with catchy vocals and synths. I really like that song from the album:


I love the rhythm! :')


I've been listening to a lot of bass music lately, mainly from a label called Deep Dark & Dangerous. Mostly dubstep, but without any of the screechy business which is a big plus.. I don't like screeches. 🙂

I have found really sweet tunes, see!


This Truth's remix of Khiva's track is such splendour. I am really in love with this. The rhythmic patterns!!! And the haunting female vocal is just...

Let's just say it's one of the prettiest remixes I have heard.


This track by Truth feeds my everlasting need for fun beats and bass. There is a lot of it and it can lock my ears, should I get runny nose. But man I love it!


There's also this incredible tune by Khiva. She's a female artist by the way, and one of the most awesome dubstep/bass music artists I have heard so far!



This track by An-Ten-Nae is kind of weird. Beginning doesn't sound promising, does it. :')
So, a weird song I really like for weird reasons:


This one by Pushloop sounds nice. Low-pace with a steady rhythm and apparent inspiration from Egyptian scenery.


So I'm going to end this post with this track which is one of Amon's favourite songs:



But don't cry so many tears, I will return sometime again. 🙂





96 Tears, one of my favourite song when I was 18.... long long long time ago...


Great post, by the way, perfect example of what the Music Chat should be...


SoundofusSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

I return again with a few songs.

I greet this rain with open arms (whilst indoors)!
The whole April has been endless sunshine and drought (not a drop of rain), even looking at grass could set it on fire.


I am (still) into Truth and I'm heavily enjoying this one called Tears:


The ongoing rolling melody in the track makes it so sublime.


Amon Tobin released his new album a week ago! It's completely different from his previous studio albums, but what is present is the creative intricate work of layers and also the beautiful Amon melodies.
It has no beats, which has apparently diappointed many AT fans looking for content similar to his earlier releases. In that sense it's sort of similar to Dark Jovian EP which also runs drumless.

I love multiple tracks off this release, but I'll bring out two:

spotify:track:4xsJuKWoOWTYCvUGXDJbXH:small for it feels so incredibly warm
spotify:track:5WTujhLHRrTQHxRhvtj2iB:small for the spooky atmosphere.

(vocals on Fooling Alright is Amon's voice manipulated, and he ain't no woman) 🙂


Calyx & Teebee have released a new drum&bass tune called War Dub. The usage of brass instrument makes it so good.. and it's a high energy track with awesome beats!



This one is an old song (released on Claro in 2001) by Brothomstates. Soft soft tune with a beautiful gentle melody.



A very upbeat, but too noisy track by Kodak To Graph. The vocals make me feel like flying high speed:



This track by Cocteau Twins feels celestial by both those sweet vocals and that strummed note. All the good reasons to more or less get addicted to it 🙂



And finally, a song I've ended up listening a lot for some reasons:


The reasons being the steady beat (similarly to some tracks by Cocktail Party Effect and Chevel), and that absolutely sweet melodious part that arrives about 3 minutes in.


Sunny weather has kept me outdoors for a while. I listened to music... at night basically. : )


@Soundofus, thank you, I appreciate your kind words!


Will return soon again!

So much about returning to this thread every week. I am so bad at this kind of thing... :')

Anyway, 2 months have passed, more or less. I have found new music to swoon to!


I'd love to begin with Raveyard and their album Kyem, one of the most interesting releases I've been introduced to by Amon fans. My favourite tune from the album is Nest, it really makes me feel like flying!



I've posted this in multiple threads already, but Alix Perez' song called Melodrama is so infectiously groovy I can't get enough of it. The melody, the bass, the slow sensual atmosphere feels like satin sheets to me. There is very little that I love more than a song like that!



Two Fingers has released three singles just recently. I love the oldest single the most - such a tune!
I am definitely down to that... :')



The other two singles are the unique acoustic percussions of the Buchla versus modern production - 296 Rhythm:


and a dirty naughty bassy collaboration with Ivy Lab - Orange:



I was recently rather blown away by this grimy groovy tune by Catnapp and Modeselektor - Mover. Wow, that darkness in the melody!



I found this one in a playlist by @Spotywakeup... Really nice song, chill and gets me swinging:



This very rhythmic beat-laden tune by Camo & Krooked. Loving the vocal bits and melodies in it!:



Another slightly strange warm-sounding rhythmic tune from a different genre and by Christian Tiger School. The strings in it are awesome!


This song by ÆTERNA! The production of this is insane! The melodies are goddamn beautiful! Also the beginning trips me out because it sounds like a certain Cujo track. :')


This is the Cujo that its beginning reminds me of. Not exactly similar really, but there is a shimmering quality that is present in both...
Cujo is young Amon Tobin signed to 9Bar Records before moving over to Ninja Tune to release Bricolage to ISAM.



This is what my mother came acoss of - Tash Sultana, a young Australian artist who was given a guitar at the age of 3 by their granddad. Described as an explosive live artist and one-person powerhouse in Spotify description, the live performances we watched on youtube are dripping of power and true pleasure.


Found this tune in a playlist of Amon's favourite songs and made it my favourite. :')
I love the lyrics....


For those who want to listen to Amon Tobin's favourite music - check out this playlist:



Continuation of GBB2019 and loopers, for those wo like to watch videos on youtube: the new champ in loopstation is Rythmind, and he was insane!

The battle allowed for an extra device (besides a loopstation), he came in with just a loopstation and created a better flow than most others!

Search for Rythmind compilation.


Also, get ready for the new Amon Tobin project called Only Child Tyrant! With robots playing guitars and gritty programmatic drums, this project is more leaning towards post rock and similar genres, with influence from artists from Beefheart to Zeppelin and Fugazi via Dick Tale (and beyond). Essentially a punked up brother of Two Fingers.


It sounds similar to some music Amon has done in the past, some songs with live drums applied from the boxset sound like that. It's still a new direction and something new to understand for me. :')


Also, Lorn released a new album just this week. Beautifully produced perfect darkness, just what one would expect Lorn to sound like:



So, I'm going to return again sometime this year with more songs. 🙂

I'm back again!


Did I mention Melodrama? ...yes I did. :')
I love that song!


I haven't mentioned this one though:


The way the bass hits gets me, and the song has this repeated reverberant male vocal going "Make it go awaaaay..... Just make it..", that I absolutely feel.
But seriously, that low end..

Alix Perez knows how to make some of the most melodious tunes with the low end that envelopes the listener. I'm down!


Also, more.. recent discoveries.

This slow tune that does feel luxurious:



I came across the Electric Prunes, I love this psychedelic tune with lyrics I can relate to:


and another song from them with the hopeful "Please have me!" message (I love such songs, they are so positive!):



This one By TOKiMONSTA slightly reminds me of some Russian electronic music, the reverbed synths especially. It is considerably less disjointed than the glitchy material Moa Pillar used to put out though. :')


This Moby's remix of Pendulum's tune is awesome! The percussion is so so good on this, I want to hear this played in a club:



Datach'i has released a new album! It is completely beyond me how his modular system can create so beautiful sounds. I mean, I saw him performing on his rack on youtube and it looks pretty insane... But he is a true master in this sort of thing and this album has lots of beauty in it. The first track, the last track, the Rockledge 3A sound beautiful..


This song by Current Value:


It is one of thee most insane songs I've heard so far!

It's actually one of Amon's favourite songs. He hasn't played this live... probably because he's afraid of murdering the audience. :')

But to be fairly honest, the breaks and drops he mixes on stage are also deadly.


To finish up this post, here are a few long-time favouriter of mine. The lyrics to this Gonjasufi song are brilliant (and also match the "Please have me!" theme):


If you love the guitar play part of it too, Gonjasufi actually used another song, "The Other Song" by Spirit:



And this MGMT song is beautiful by lyrics and... the percussion is impressive to say the least. This played live is amazing!

"I feel your racing heart, my liquid silver aaarms extendeed"


'Til next time!

Hey, back again!


I have this newfound love of a song which turned out to have such sad and heartfelt lyrics, god damn it.


So I am here to pour out my feelings. Maybe it helps. Maybe not.


But first, Oscar and the Wolf.
Discovered by accident - someone had suggested "Undress" as a great song for "bedtime". I took a listen, I love it! The seductive vocal dripping of anticipation, but what I absolutely love are the synth sounds in it. Spacious, plentry of room for the individual notes to shine and together they work amazingly. That vibing note during the chorus is pleasure.

I also love "Joaquim" from the same album. These string-like synth sounds really bring out that emotion of the singer.


UNKLE's new release has a beautiful song in it. It's called "Feel More / With Less" and the soft female vocals together with those choral parts feel so divine!


A cool energetic tune by Radkey - "Love Spills".
The vocals remind me of the Mysterines in a way.


I really love the eastern/oriental feel to this Shadow Of a Beat tune called Sahara 7. It feels so divine! I did learn the hard way to be sparing with the volume knob position as the second half of this song has some speedy percussion. :')
First half of the song is floating in the sublime, second half is racing through it on golden wings.


My sleepless night was filled with recommendations by the Admin Tobin (John Jacobus) and I thank him once again for posting these songs and albums on his twitter feed.


So, this track by Pyromance caught me. It begins subtly, but don't be fooled... 😉
I love the energy it has!
I did listen to the whole "Easy Side Militia" album and I remember I would recommend it. :')


Then he posted that song by Steven Wilson...
Right, it felt so good at 4AM. I am not in a proper state to understand lyrics when I myself am unwell and half-defunkt. So I concentrated on the instrumental side and how the vocals sounded.
It's so beautiful! Very gentle, very emotional. I can't stop coming back to it...

Now, listening to this in daytime (I haven't slept), I understand the lyrics and was >< this close to break down. The lyrics are so sad. So many emotions.
Something I can relate to. [redacted incoherent cursing at feelings]


It's a tale of an old man close to his death. He has spent his whole life alone unable to relate to other people since he lost his older sister when they were still small.
Now there is a raven visiting his garden and he sees it as a manifestation of his sister. Now, his sister used to sing for him when he felt scared or insecure and it brought him to calmness.
So, he believes if he can get the raven to sing for him, it's proof that the bird is his sister who has returned to take him to the next life with her.


This is the song:



I went through the entire album too. It's a beautiful journey.
Don't look into the detail, just let go and let it flow. I enjoyed it so much!


He also posted a song by Tid. What caught my ears at that time was another one from the same album:

I can't really describe too well, but the harmony between the dark hoarse vocal and the instruments is fantastic. It's also full of those sort of chordal progressions (?) that I absolutely adore.


Back to my own discoveries - Wylie Cable's album named "Buried At Sea" begins with this:


It's fairly simple in itself, repeating melodyline and simple beat, but the atmosphere it has is enveloping. It's the cold shimmery moonlit gardens and pathways during the month of November.
1st of November is the "day of souls", day of peace and quiet. Not Christmas kind, this is more about remembering those dear to you and deceased.


To end this post (I seem to have verbal diarrhea), I talk about two more new releases. 🙂


Former released a new album called "White Field". I've written before that I adore the way he manipulates vocals. I'm getting plenty of that again!

In this album he is pulling apart music he likes and reassembles it in his own way.

I love the entire release, but what I'd like to bring out is "ESO Fog":



It gets me dancy. I so adore that beat halfway in and that grimy bassline, oh boy!


Amon Tobin (who recently held a Reddit AMA and for my great happiness replied to my comment as well, thank you!) is going release "Long Stories" in 2 weeks time and the first two singles are beautiful. Full of chords and notes placed in that way that brings goosebumps. I've written more about them in my Amon Tobin thread, so head here...


That's it for now. I have more tunes to talk about, but it seems the post is awfully long already :')



Hey @Sebasty 

Good Songs that u like, Heres a couple I like


the next song I found out by a friend who suggested it to me after i mentioned I listened to Ruel


On saturday I was watching a program and found another group that I like heres one of their songs


hope you like them

Hey, thank you @K-I-M  for your suggestions! Appreciating it.


I have to admit I am not a fan of pop ballads. :') I'm not really sure why exactly, but they perhaps feel a bit too intimate for me.

Max & Harvey one was pretty alright tho. : )


On another note, I forgot to write about Coil, another artist introduced by the Admin Tobin. I am yet to listen through everything, because it's honestly the kind of music that requires time to understand.. And so I take it slowly.

One song that caught my ear immediately was this one:

..again because of how beautiful it sounded. Seriously pretty and quite somber. The composition reminds me of Kobresia by Biosphere (I've written about that one earlier I think).

But the vocal sample in here is depressing. It ruined my mood one evening when I gave it a good listen.
It's a phone call to a band member by someone whose friend committed suicide.


I don't have a specific liking for depressing or sad songs, but those I love are so masterfully composed and beautiful, it's impossible for me not to love them.


I also love this one by Coil:


More of that seductive triphoppy sound and I am into that genre. : )


I'm also consumed by Alix Perez, again. The entire Nighthawks EP, specifically. I want to live in these two songs:


I bleeping love the atmosphere!
How is it legal to be so good?

hey @Sebasty 


cool suggestions, I have other songs similar to yours, but I agree with one of your points,  




Always happy to get suggestions!


Musical taste is a beautiful thing - it's deeply personal and there isn't really two people with identical tastes. Sometimes they don't even overlap.
That makes it interesting to explore other people's musical tastes (should they make it easy...). 🙂


Which point do you agree with?

Hey @Sebasty


it was this point I agreed with


I don't have a specific liking for depressing or sad songs, but those I love are so masterfully composed and beautiful, it's impossible for me not to love them.

I haven't posted here for a while. I do listen to music, so.. :')


Besides looping 4 Alix Perez tracks to no end (I bleeping love that wavy reese bass!), I have discovered a few other artists to kind of forget myself to.


Most recently it's Lyonel Bauchet, a frenchman described as a Buchla maestro. I've been having some almost allnighters recently and his music keeps me afloat.

Anyway, I love this piece:


for it shows beautifully what a Buchla is all about, and it's just really well-composed.

(everything is created by the system, except for some reverberant synth chords and electric guitar sounds)


Due to the aforementioned allnighters I've been listening to full albums and found that one by Goldfrapp:


The flooding onset of strings and synth chords feels a bit like getting washed over with sunlight after long-lasting dark.


Have I talked about Deru yet here?
I want his vinyl. ,_,

Emotions as layered as the sound design in his tracks.  This one is sublime in so many ways:



More of the positive and hopeful "Please have me!" sounds. Do something to me!


I used to listen to this artist a long time ago. Rediscovered recently and figured this track is a candy!


Also with pretty synth sounds and positive melodies, but in a completely different genre.


I found out Holly and Razat had made three little EP's named Libertry. Basically two artists exploring beats and sound. First two of the series are elsewhere as free downloads, the third is on Spotify and has some WILD beats, umf!


A fellow Amon fan suggested this Deft track to us other fans and this has got some groove :')


I love another one from the same release called Done, it's a bit less hard-hitting with more celestial feeling:



I need to get myself some food now, so




Good thing I have bookmarked the thread, finding it is pain. : )


Since the previous entry, new year came and with that I got some lovely stats by and by Spotify Wrapped.

In short:

My most listened to artist hasn't changed this year either and it's Amon Tobin.
Most played album is Fear in a Handful of Dust, album Amon released last April.
Most played track is Melodrama by Alix Perez.

Rest of the stats are here.


Anyway, about new content I've discovered:


I'm moderately manic about the new Bolten M album. It's a collision of weird magical beautiful soundscapes, incorporating both 'real' instruments and really monolithic synthesized sounds, stranding you in an alien landscape with fragments of memories and familiar spots.

Most loved track off the release is Eco Inestable, for it feels like you're diving into the lake of sound!


Starkey released a new little EP just recently, called "...for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic". It's a haunting piece, inspired by the social media attention to mental health as well as the dark history of controversy on mental illness treatments.

'Restraints' reminds me why I tend to just sink into playing with the 'analog' synth VST's. The warmth of those  'Moogs' as well as the 'Buchlas' cherishes me a great deal.

The ending track, also the longest, incorporates haunting male voices and long uplifting organ chords:


The man handling Amon Tobin's social media presence is also an artist called Tricil. I preordered his most recent album, for I find 'Vulnerable' such a splendid tune:


There's also this soft jazzy melodious triphop tune by Basic with the strolling energy in it which makes it such a lovely listen:



Kill The Noise and Mija have a track called 'Salvation', with dark haunting female voices and a 4-on-the-floor beat making it quite danceable:



I recently found this rather raw track by Ho99o9 incorporating shouty lyrics of political background. Really feels great to have it on out loud:



One of my recent artist discoveries is SpectraSoul. The duo makes drum&bass/liquid funk, keeping the soulful quality and depth. One of my favourite tracks by them is called 'The Mantra', it has both the beautiful celestial sounds joined by some deep grimy bass. What I adore here is that sheer power of the beat, and the vocals just adding to the feeling!

I think sitting in a dark room, putting the headphones on (or having excellent speakers) and hitting play on that song .... I must try that!


Ending this post with a little lovely tune by The English Beat, called "Mirror In The Bathroom". The lyrics are cool :') and I really like the way the song is constructed!


I've been playing the Submachine series a lot the past few days. I bought the series after finding my mother squinting her eyes trying to find items in the online version of the games (free version is pretty small). Now the game window is much larger which is lovely.
I must say that the audio used as the soundtrack to these submerged locations is superb - it's both creepy af as well as really beautiful. It sounds exactly how a Submachine would sound like.

I get submachine-related dreams now, also both scary and beautiful. Submachine FLF is one of the most haunting kind.


Anyway, I'll return in another time 🙂


Hey those sounds like good songs 

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