Make my summer sound more like this


Make my summer sound more like this

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I've decided I want my summer to sound more like these three songs:





Give me some songs that will sound good alongside these three, so I can turn them into a playlist. New or old is fine. Don't care whether they were hits or not. Horns are a plus.

Thanks for your help!

And have a wonderful, tune-filled summer.

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Re: Make my summer sound more like this

Definitely something from Metronomy's 'The English Riviera' to match up with your Poolside track. I'm not sure which song it is from that album that's in my head, but one of them...

I staunchly avoid pop princesses like Selena Gomez, but her song kind of surprised me. It was alright! And the third track wouldn't play.

To me, summer sounds like this:

The playlist isn't in perfect order, but I've been collecting the songs since joining Spotify just over two years ago, and they all have that shimmery sun-sand-sea kinda feel.

Have you ever listened to Postiljonen? They have a couple of songs with horns that are fabulous, especially the track 'Atlantis,' which I think is on my playlist. I'm a sucker for horns too, especially coupled with electronic sounds... the combination is eargasmic.

You've probably heard of Keep Shelly In Athens, but some of their earlier EPs had excellent use of textured sounds and horns too.

Re: Make my summer sound more like this

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Yes, @flypaperflowers! This is exactly the sort of stuff I'm looking for. Don't know if it's the one you had in mind, but "Trouble" from the Metronomy album's the one I'm going with. Little bit of a downer lyrics-wise, but the sound is just right.


The playlist is even better. I almost used Washed Out's "It Feels Alright" as an example, but I wanted to go with all new tracks. I'm adding Work Drugs' "Boogie Lights" and the Postiljonen for starters. I'm sure there'll be more.





Thanks for the great suggestions! And glad you kind of liked the Selena Gomez track. I'm not into everything she does, but every so often she comes up with something that just knocks me out.
Like this one:

Re: Make my summer sound more like this

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Hey @brian_mansfield 🙂


Great post, it made me think of these two songs:








Re: Make my summer sound more like this

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Wonderful suggestions, @Melody! Even the names — Beach Fossils, Cool Blue — help set the mood. "Cool Blue" is an especially pleasant surprise — it doesn't really sound like anything else on the list, but it fits in perfectly! Thank you!

BTW, I've created a playlist for these songs now and will add to it as I see other suggestions that fit the mood I'm trying to create (and run across tracks on my own).


Re: Make my summer sound more like this

Hi @brian_mansfield !

Glad you liked the suggestions! 'Trouble' by Metronomy is a good choice for your mix. I went back and listened to some of the songs on The English Riviera, and 'We Broke Free' was the song I had been thinking about. I put it on my mix, because it wasn't on yet. Part of what I like about it is the ocean sound at the beginning.

Your post also inspired me to go in and fix the order of some of the songs on Transmuted Into Sunbeams and tweak it.

Added this:

And this:

A little calypso always sounds of summer.

The Selena Gomez song was o.k., but still not really my cup of tea. I have gained a new appreciation for her voice and artistry, however. Although I pride myself on being open minded about music, some of the more radio worthy, straight up pop remains a bit of a hard sell. I like angles, imperfections, tensions, strangeness, struggles hanging out like defunct wires. Overproduce and some of that gets brushed away and glossed over. Just my opinion, though!

How is your mix comin along?


The Japanese House song was great!

Re: Make my summer sound more like this

Followed your playlist and looking forward to seeing it take shape.

Re: Make my summer sound more like this

Maybe something off this album would go well on your list. It is very summery and was one of my most played new albums of last year.

Re: Make my summer sound more like this

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Awesome songs so far!  I've got quite a few summer playlists of my own, but one thing I've learned is that summer sounds different to everyone.  Here's one of my favorites though! Sunset

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Re: Make my summer sound more like this

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Brian, check these two out. I've randomly stumbled across this artist and he has a lot of good tracks especially for the summer