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Missing Songs


Missing Songs

There are some songs missing from the app which I want to listen - Quafirana and Namo Namo of Kedarnath and Baarish of Half Girlfriend !!! I don't like this thing of this app as some songs are missing which al other app have 

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I agree that they are not willing to add new songs, while on yt or sc you can basically reach any kind of song that you want to listen to. Also for some reason most of the songs that I used to listen to are now unavailable, and thats kinda fustrating bc Im not paying + money for them to take off any songs that they think is in contact with copyright claim. Or at least have a funcion where you can reach these song but you cant publish it or anything like that. My personal song is called as ''We Dont Luv Em - Speed'' - by INDRAGERSN, and this is actually one of the deleted songs that I really liked, idk when did they take it off but I would like to know the reason why they took it off. 


Thats all, hope this adds onto this topic.

Have a wonderful day everyone 🙂

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