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Missing content


I've noticed today that a few songs is missing out of my playlist (that I've already had, from spotify - not local).

I don't even see them, but when I got to the spotify's web player, I can see them grayed out, and I can't find them again on the search - like I did before. btw, the 'hide unplayable tracks' is unchecked and still can't see them.


Did the content was deleted for any reason? All of the songs are Israeli, this is a track for example: Arik Einstein - Tzlil mechuvan.


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Some content becomes unavailable because of this reason. Sometimes it shows back up though, so hopefully that will happen 🙂

Hope this helped 🙂

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Re: Missing content


You can enable seeing unavailable songs by unchecking "Hide unplayable songs" on the preferences page.