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Morning music & wake up tunes


Morning music & wake up tunes

Hey all!


Happy Wednesday. It's time for some Music Chat.

So... I used to think I was a morning person. But as the cold's arrived and the car windows have started to glitter - i'm now not so sure. This got me thinking about Morning Music & tunes to wake up to.

The start of the week. It's the sleepyest morning, and the hardest 6.30am. Monday Morning's call for something up-beat. Because the alarm's already been snoozed far too many times, and the coffee? Well that will have to be picked up on the way.


Tuesday's aren't so bad, because if you faced Monday you can face Tuesday 😉

Wednesday - and you're half way there! Morning music =

Thursday ...


Friday. This means it's almost the weekend doesn't it?! The sooner you wake up the closer the weekend feels 🙂 I'm sure that's how it works.


And from there on, it's...





Get sharing yours! 



32 Replies

Banana Pancakes is such a good wake up song! It used to be my alarm a few years ago, it's good to hear it again 🙂


perfect for hurrying up when you are late, for obvious reasons!



@Jacob! Glad you agree! It's a great one for the alarm 😉 

@natisampaio Yep, that definitely fits the theme! Nice 😄

Thanks for sharing


Waves by Bahamas, that song is a blessing to wake up to. 


This wakes you up with a bang! 



If I'm really feeling like a day is going to be good, I like listening to this song in the shower to motivate me



However, on days I'm not feeling work/school I like to lay in bed and wallow to this song



And I've gotta include a classic! 


@Melody I Mused to have a schedule going of morning music actually!


Weekday mornings










YOLO by Beth Sherburn..


One song to add to your morning wake up tunes!




Beth Sherburn is a talented and experienced singer and song-writer. She was born in Gornal Wood, Dudley, in the UK and has been performing from a young age. Beth has worked with many talented artists and producers across the world and is currently working on her new EP (Release date: 2017)


Thank you for your support!


^Team Beth

some of my morning song




2NE1 - I Am The Best


Coldplay - Up&Up

This was the song that I played most in the mornings last year 

The lyrics and the melody are charging you with cool energy : )



MartinStoichkovSpotify Star
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I love this one to wake up to 🙂

Lot of people like this track of mine-

Lots of eclectic choices here.
natisampaio love that I'm From Barcelona album!

Here's a morning motivator from Nightmares On Wax - Be, I Do:

I've also found the album I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning to be a beautiful way to soundtrack this time of day.

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@Psys both great songs and perfect for the theme!


here's another of mine:

Thaaaaaat track!

You can find more in my list "Funky Jammie Groovy" 😉

Still my favourite track in the morning: "Cold water in your face brings you back to this awful place" 🙂



I listen to this to lift my spirits and mood.

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