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Morning music & wake up tunes


Morning music & wake up tunes

Hey all!


Happy Wednesday. It's time for some Music Chat.

So... I used to think I was a morning person. But as the cold's arrived and the car windows have started to glitter - i'm now not so sure. This got me thinking about Morning Music & tunes to wake up to.

The start of the week. It's the sleepyest morning, and the hardest 6.30am. Monday Morning's call for something up-beat. Because the alarm's already been snoozed far too many times, and the coffee? Well that will have to be picked up on the way.


Tuesday's aren't so bad, because if you faced Monday you can face Tuesday 😉

Wednesday - and you're half way there! Morning music =

Thursday ...


Friday. This means it's almost the weekend doesn't it?! The sooner you wake up the closer the weekend feels 🙂 I'm sure that's how it works.


And from there on, it's...





Get sharing yours! 



32 Replies

Hey M,


I feel ya! I made this playlist to make my mornings easier! Hope you like!

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I love this song, My Beat by a local band, Che-Val! Starts my day off with a smile every time 🙂

Their website is lit too, I'm obsessed with their new album

Hey folks!


Loving all of the additions to this thread 🙂

Enjoyed coming across them this morning to get the day started.


Here's mine for today...



Have a good Monday!



I play this playlist to wake me up in a morning! 143 tracks and always updating! 

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I like waking up to Joni Mitchell music.. My favorite is:



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@musicoflola one of my favourite songs of all time! beautiful choice ❤️

I find myself playing this playlist almost every morning. Lots of quieter songs that have a big emotional impact on me.
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@mekleiber slow burners for sure, i love that playlist ^_^



Thanks, @crematedman!
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