[Music] Daily Mix Genre Variety


[Music] Daily Mix Genre Variety

Casual Listener

At first I was very pleased with my daily mixes! I listen to many genres so it was a fantastic way to discover more jazz, electro, electro swing, alternative, and spiritual music!


However, after I took a break from Spotify for a couple weeks (was traveling) I came back to discover all of my playlists were some form of electronic music! Not OK Spotify!


I don't know if you changed your algorithm to make more specific genres or something, but I must say I find less use for these new playlists. Though I listen to electronic music the most I mostly used Daily Mixes to explore the music genres I listened to slightly less and add to my playlists.


I'm curious what other people's experience has been? Would you like more genre disparity or mixes with more specific sub-genres?

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Casual Listener

A lot of what I listen to has to be "safe for work" because I do most of my listening on the clock and some of my coworkers are less open about what genre they'll listen to (nothing like hearing whining from a coworker about the Finnish Folk Metal I have on, then having the boss chime in that it isn't music >.<). So my number one mix is always blue/rock, because that seems to cause the least discord at work. However, I'm already familiar with A LOT of what comes up in that playlist, so it's more a lazy easy thing to turn on for background noise to drown out the press and xerox printers.


The rest of my lists are kinda hit or miss a lot of the time. I had one I really really liked, and even went out of my way to make sure I put in a lot of listening time on it, and then the next week? It was gone. But I've had a couple of lists lingers for multiple weeks running that I've never once given a listen to beyond a couple songs because they were absolutely no good at all.


I really wish they'd mash the radio feature and the daily mix feature together. Let me tell you what songs/artists I want to hear more of, then generate an endless mix, and let me banish or save a mix if I dis/like it. The current radio feature doesn't allow banning artists like daily mix does, and daily mix doesn't let me ask for things, just guesses what I want based upon what I've saved.

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These are my daily mixes:


#1 K-Pop

#2 Piano

#3 Russian pop

#4 Psy trance

#5 Fusion and smooth jazz

#6 Progressive rock


These are all different, and they are all good choices for me. I have mainly been using the K-Pop and Russian pop mixes, but I'll probably start trying some of the others.

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Gig Goer

Yeah I've got the same problem.  Initially there was a good variety of genres in the Daily Mixes.  But over time they seem to have homogenized so 4 out of the 6 are nearly indistinguishable from one another 😞

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Something interesting I noticed with mine was that I have an All Male Country and an All Female Country mix. There's been a lot of talk recently about how females are slowly starting to gain more recognition in a predominatly male genre and i thought it was interesting that the AI picked up on the differences in sound a male artist and a female artist brings to the same genre.