Music WANTED - Short Film


Music WANTED - Short Film



We urgently need a main song to use for our short film called 'Beyond these Shores'. Ideally we would like the following:

1. Female voice similar to Lana Del Rey
2. A similar song to SOKO's 'We might be dead by tomorrow' or WILSEN's 'Dusk'
This film is a portfolio piece that we would  just like to submit to film festivals. This is a non profit and non commercial project. Appropriate credits and negotiable terms of use for the song and featured artist.
Thank you!
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Music Fan

Hello, how urgently do you need that song? I have one song with a beautiful female voice that I can adapt from a dance style to be more acoustic and quiet/atmospheric, but can only send it to you tomorrow friday or saturday morning. Would the song appear also in the short film OST?

 The current mix for the song is this (hear only to the voice and imagine it with a piano or acoustic guitar):