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I am from Newcastle, Australia, a town pretty much known amongst most Aussies for being a tough working class regional city so really it's not a surprise that Newcastle is very much a rock music town, I don't really know a great deal about the local music scene (I need to get out more) but the most successful act from Newcastle is Silverchair


Silverchair formed in the Newcastle beachside suburb of Merewether when the members of the band were just teenagers, the single "Tomorrow" went number 1 on the ARIA chart in Australia for six weeks in 1994. They would continue to have success in Australia with songs like "Freak", "Abuse Me", "Anthem for the Year 2000". The band would go on hiatus in 2003 before returning in 2007 with "Straight Lines" which instantly went straight to number 1 and spent 4 weeks at the top. 


Silverchair have had 5 number one albums in Australia including their last studio album called "Young Modern" from 2007.





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I live in Portland ME...there are a ton of eclectic and strange bands up here in the Northern US.  My band plays music we call "anti-genre"

here is an example...

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I'm LOVING all of these! Thank you so much to everyone who has posted. It's great to see how proud and knowledgeable you all are. Keep em coming 😉


Here's a classic 1977 Sydney punk band if anyone's interested.

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Mindseye is a downtempo electronic music producer from Hamilton, New Zealand. Probably not the main music genre to come from our land of the long white cloud, but still...

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cleopatrick is a sick rock duo from Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. They just released a new single called hometown where they blend rock with new age hip hop vibes and its unreal

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Well, It's too many songs from Norway I'd like to show but I'll pick a few.


First of will be songs of the the Russ I guess.

When you're done with your graduation in Norway, you can become Russ from 1st to 17th May, people usually group up and buy van's or buses, not all but some purchase songs from known artists featuring their van/bus.


Here's a few examples:



Here's a few of my Norwegian favorites:



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My hometown of Colorado Springs, CO, is not very diverse in its music scene, as the venue sizes go from DIY house shows to an arena with very little in between. Bigger names do frequent the World Arena, however, I think the real music scene lies within the DIY shows and hardcore scene. We actually made a few headlines during the large crackdown on DIY spaces last December after the fire at Ghost Ship in Oakland, CA. One of the largest DIY space in the city, The Flux Capacitor, was shut down becasue of fire codes.


I am not a huge fan of hardcore music, and I don't usually attend the shows, but here is one of my favorite local bands, Fortunes Fool! 


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Heres a playlist from some music from Nottingham

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I want to share some traditional music from Bulgaria. We have awesome vocals and cool asymetric beats. Check it out, it's pretty epic: