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Music to survive


Music to survive

As I was watching documentary Woodstock 99 I became aware of closeness related to music styles/genres...

Somebody said there...“How can you enjoy a rock gig and then enter and enjoy an electronic party?”... That was what I heard repeatedly in the 90s... Of course you can... And even more...You can enjoy rai music, classical music, drum and bass... whatever ... the point is not the style... I can enjoy equally Luke Vibert's Plug, Tchaikovsky, Sonic Youth... the point is how open you are and how deep you dig not to "swallow" the first musical choice you listen to...

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@Juan_Carlos_Hidalgo    -

Hello Juan, and welcome to Spotify chat!  I have always felt the same way as you. The types of music I don't enjoy are far fewer than the types of music I do enjoy. I have always had a very wide variety of music that I enjoy, though I've found that a lot of people don't share this trait. It seems to me a lot of people fixate on the type of music that was popular when they were teenagers, and never progress beyond that- and they really don't care to learn about new music. They just want to hear the same music over & over & over... (This is the reason 80s music is so popular, IMO).

There's so much to be gained from being open to many styles of music!

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