Musics for parties and to dance!

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Hii, I recently released this one, its a little slower but hella floaty xD i think you'll like it

its more alternative chill style!

I like it 🙂 

Thank you so much 😄 could you maybe consider to add it to one of your playlists ?^^

Already in my "alternative"playlist :)) 

Here is one of my poppier tracks 😄

love it! 😉 

Smells Like Teen Spirit ~ Nirvana

Let's Get It Started ~ Black Eyed Peas

Ultimate ~ Denzel Curry

Lose Yourself ~ Emenim 

Today I've released my latest single called "1 language".

Let me know if you like it 🙂

This is somethign with a little bounce to it. Club/dancehall reggae vibes.

Hi there

I recently released my single Perfect Vision

I think the track(Especially the Bass) would be perfect for a party/dance like setting 😃

 If you are looking for a perfect playlist to party this is the oneee. Hope you like it!

Hey, this is a pretty vibey song, it has a really good rhythm to dance to!!

If you like it, please let us know on Instagram! : "dreamxnightmare"

Hi, I've just released a new song. If you're into nudisco, electrofunk, disco, dance and pop music I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Perfect to dance and sing along to. We also made a funny music video for it, check it out:


Spotify link:


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