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Name a Song or Full Project That Spotify Does Not Carry


Name a Song or Full Project That Spotify Does Not Carry

I think most of the users here know the rules and have come to grips that not every song/title we desire will be carried by Spotify at all times. With that in mind I'd like to ask the community to name some titles that are not here but you would like to see appear.  Who knows, some of the titles we think are not here may indeed be here. I remember finding Dino's 24/7 on a compilation before the full project becoming available.


I was really happy when the Def Leppard projects became available as well as the soundtrack from the movie Breakin'.


Some of the titles I'd like to see available or resurface are:


George Howard - Love & Understanding

Anita Baker's discography

Herbie Hancock - Possibilities

Running Scared Soundtrack (the original which had Sweet Freedom by Michael McDonald)

New York Undercover Soundtrack, the theme song by James Mtume is something special.


What are yours?


The thread is for fun purposes and is not meant to reflect negatively towards Spotify. IMO the app is a music lover's dream come true.

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