Ne Klepeći Nanulama - What is this song about?


Ne Klepeći Nanulama - What is this song about?



One of My favourite song is this song, which name is in subject. I little understand Serbo-croatian language, because I am from country, where is similar language, I am from Slovakia.

Who can speaks Bosnian, or similar Serbo-Croatian language, could You translate me a meaning of this song. What I understand is this (via some translations), that:

Don't wayt me. If You ask, where I have crying, I was near of grave of My mother.

OK. That's everything, what I can understand.

But, which gift on heart this person cares? Please, could You explain It to me?

Is It about love to mother, or what? I know, that bosnian Sevdalinka is mostly sad, but I love this song. Maybe You'll make fun of me, but after I have heard this song I little cried. Both melody and lyrics are so melancholic, but song is nice. This song have soul (spirit) and heart, which is rare in those times.