Need artist and genre ideas for mellow playlists


Need artist and genre ideas for mellow playlists


I am new to the Spotify community so I hope this is appropiate.  I am eager to learn about more music and I am hoping you guys can give me ideas.


For starters I need to replace three Pandora playlists that I have used forver.  Do your have any ideas for artists or geners I could check out to add to my lists?  I like pretty much all music from any era.  I am trying to replace my old, much listed to, randomized lists with either Spotify Radio (which I do not use well) or currated lists.  Not sure.



  1. Family Mello: this is the G rated playlist I put on for the whole family for mello background music.  Mostly Paul Simon, Jack Johnson, Ingrid Michelson, and quiet, guitar and piano based stuff.
  2. Daddy Groove: I use this list on headphones for me when I want to mellow out, have some background for computer gaming.  My key tracks are Teardrop by Massive Attack, Center of the Sun by Conjure One, and Destiny by Zero 7 if that helps.
  3. Ambient Work: I am an analyst and need background music when I am heads down in data sheets - I really have yet to find anything I like.  Tried chill dubstep, classical, new age - from Bach to Enya to Pink Floyd and back again.  I'd love to hear what you listen to while reading, coding, or writing.


I do not know Chill Dubstep from Electronica from Trance or any of the other baffling geners - but I want to expand.




Thanks so much. 

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Re: Need artist and genre ideas for mellow playlists

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Hi there!


About ambient work, I recommend you the Spotify's Playlist Deep Focus.