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Need help finding song!


Need help finding song!

Hi there,

Could someone please (!) Help me find this song. It's in my head for days now and I just can't find it anywhere. Its because I only have a melody in my head and I think I know a few words of the chorus. Its sung by a man with a guitar it's kinda slow bluesy, country like and he's singing: 'and the rain keeps falling....and the rain keeps falling'....or maybe: 'and the rain keeps coming....and the rain keeps coming'... he has kind of a hoarse voice and I seem to remember its only a guitar you're hearing in the song...almost a capella.. if ANYONE seems to recognize my vague memories could please help me find out what this song is called and by whom it is played?? Just can't find rest till I solve this mystery :|. 

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This is the answer Google came up with when I searched the lyrics you provided. Hope this helps.



Yes I found myself in the exact same predicament as you and all these years later my google searches took me to this thread. *However* I was able to find it in my library! So, in case you are still somewhere in your soul searching for the answer, I believe the song you were looking for is “River Takes the Town” by The Wood Brothers. Vaya con dios.

- James

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