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New Age Artists That Don't Believe in New Age


New Age Artists That Don't Believe in New Age

“New Age” is something of a wastebasket taxon of a musical genre. Just as a wastebasket taxon is any taxonomic unit that includes organisms that do not fit neatly anywhere else, the New Age genre is needlessly slapped on to anything relatively relaxing, instrumental, atmospheric, or using voices, ethnic instruments, synthesizers, or nature sounds. Any artist or artists, regardless of their beliefs or lack thereof, find themselves lumped into the genre, even if their music may better fit genres such as neoclassical, jazz, progressive rock, space music, ambient, minimalism, folk, and world music, which at times are often confused with New Age.


To some, it may seem easier to name artists who subscribe to New Age beliefs.  Be sure to study interviews, biographies, and, of course, the back or booklet of any album cover.  Search for any kind of word salad concerning chakras, reincarnation and memories of past lives, numerology, channeling gods, spirits, and ancestors, crystals, karma, pseudoscientific mysticism surrounding quantum physics, consciousness, frequencies, and evolution, “oneness” or “interconnectedness” with nature and/or a capital-U universe, screeds against “materialism”, astral planes, astrology (especially anything concerning the Age of Aquarius) psychic powers, and so on.


But arguably the most well-known artist who does not associate with New Age ideology is ironically the “faces” of the genre itself, Enya. Although she often tops New Age genre charts worldwide, as a Christian, Enya is not what one would consider a "New Ager". She considers music of the New Age genre as “thin air”, being “less structured” with “no spine in it”. 


Simply listen to New Age tracks such as these:


Then listen to something by Enya, and you will see exactly why she would think that:


And unlike a lot of "New Age" artists, Enya is not afraid to be dramatic with her music:


Due to the many differences between Enya's songs and typical New Age music, she classifies her distinctive blend of synthesizers, singing, and Celtic-infused melodies into a genre into itself: “Enya”.


If anyone reading this knows of any artists who are classified as “New Age”, but are skeptical and critical of its beliefs and music, please let me know as soon as you can.

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I do remember reading or hearing that, about Enya, but I don't know anything, about the status of other artists that are classified in that genre. I don't  get to deep into knowing about those other artists that I have come across, for relaxing music. I have a playlist of relaxing music that you might find some artists to check into, though.


You might also like my little Enya playlist, for going on walks at night.

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The issue is that New Age is such a niche genre that any elements of it are automatically lumped in with similar niche genres. A lot of this has to do with the Algorithm, and Spotify having official editorial playlists done by people not truly fans and/or understand the genre.

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