New Piano Music Artists in: Classical, New Age, Easy Music etc. Show your work here. Be discovered.

New Piano Music Artists in: Classical, New Age, Easy Music etc. Show your work here. Be discovered.

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Artist Danis:

Haves on Spotify 11  of his original music compositions, and 2 Christmas compositions from other composers.


Please Follow Danis:

Artist link on Spotify:


Please Listen to his Music:

First piece released: Morning:


Last piece released:Fantasia:


Piece that seams to be on the rise: Love Waltz Mystery.


Playlist that includes  all of the 11 Danis compositions just for piano in the order that Danis selected to be:


Playlist that includes  Danis music compositions and  the best of other Piano artists in similar genders.


Thank you all.



I've made 13 hours... of nice piano...



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Jorge Segovia on facebook

Hello @jjkjjkjjk007 🙂
Would be really grateful for every comment on my new piano song "Autumn Leaves":
Thank you for your reply and wish you great day! 🙂

Hi, this is a piece by my friend. I think he's got aan exeptional talent. I'm presenting you a piece that has 37k plays on soundcloud but very little on Spotify.

I have recently released a New Age album called "By the Waterfall":

Released this single one week ago. Hope you will like this kind of experimental instrumental piano.

Listen for first to the 13-years awaited neo classical award winning piano ambient album of Maestro Stefano Petrini "THE MUS1C" :



"The new Era of piano"-The Nation
"Really remarkable"-M°Roberto Cacciapaglia
"Much better than Rachmaninoff", a"false study of Chopin",
"technique superior to Liszt" -Sounds

Also,this is my 1/2 million views vclip of my first single "spindrifts",entirely shot in the ocean: ,
and this is my cv:

PS In order to complete the History of Music,i'm going to bring soon to the world the knowledge of the term "Music Trascendence"!



ShadowHood's new release, Lavender

A very beautiful and romantic song, piano and voice

awesome post, I have noticed there is not much covering on this kind of music.

check this one, is romantic, lovely.

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