New Releases (2018) Announcements


New Releases (2018) Announcements

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Hello Community!


Original 2017 Thread (credits to @MartinStoichkov😞


Good day! Please share all the new releases on Spotify, that you like here! 

Please everyone who want to share, to follow this template if possible, thanks! 


Release name: [Release] 

Artist name: [Artist] 

Release date: [Release date] 

Style: [style] (optional)


Some of you hear new releases from the Release Radar, others from friends / family or read news as well, but we're all missing awesome releases out there that worth to be played.

That's why this thread is all about! You can simply browse in this topic and find some new artists or songs or just find new releases from artists you love but you`ve missed. 


I`m starting with this release from Vance Joy which has cool indie pop & folk music.


Release name: Nation of Two

Artist name: Vance Joy

Release date: 23 February 2018

Style: Indie Pop & Folk

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Cool! 🙂

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Release Name: Let Me

Artist Name: ZAYN

Release Date: April 12, 2018

Style: Pop/R&B


Release Name: Chun-Li

Artist Name: Nicki Minaj

Release Date: April 12, 2018

Style: Rap/Hip Hop


Release Name: Get Out

Artist Name: CHVRCHES

Release Date: January 31, 2018

Style: Pop/Synth-Pop

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I could use this to waffle on about Sarah Blasko's synthpop album "Depth of Field" again but I won't but instead highlight a band that is getting hype in the US.


Album: When My Heart Felt Volcanic

Band: The Aces

Release Date: 6th April

Genre/style: Pop rock



Re: New Releases (2018) Announcements


Re: New Releases (2018) Announcements

Music Fan

Release name: Arizona

Artist name: Melissa Lamm

Release date: April 10, 2018

Style: Pop

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Hi, this is not a 'new' release, but it was not available on Spotify until now.

Release name: First

Artist name: Beta Bow

Spotify streaming release date: June 2018
Original release date: 28 February 2009 

Style: Indiepop/Synthpop