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Night rider playlist, changed songs?


Night rider playlist, changed songs?

Hi everyone,

i was listening to "night rider" playlist and i noticed that the songs are changed.

I would like to recover the previous playlist, or at least the first song of it.

How can i do it?

Thank you very much

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Hey there welcome to the community

Is this your own Playlist or made by someone else?


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I think it is one from Browse? If so, unfortunately I am not aware of a "backup" copy of those playlists anywhere after they get updated. I would suggest making your own copy of any playlists in browse (don't follow them) so your version won't get upset if Spotify make a change.

If you have been listening in the desktop client, you should be able to view your track history and find the track that way by going to Play Queue > History.

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i found the same but fortunity, i did have a backup of the playlist (however some tracks have been deleted on youtube) but might have been Wippenberg - Chakalaka

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