Not Enough Music for Favorite Artists


Not Enough Music for Favorite Artists


Why do they only have one album of Shayne Ward. If you're only get half-**bleep** music from an Artist then why even bother putting them up there in the first place??? That goes for a great amount of the artists you have up here - - even down to Aaliyah!!! Can't even enjoy listening to some of my favorite artists because their music content up here is half-assed - or at least put Stand By Me by Shayne Ward - Along with Try Again & Are You That Somebody? by Aaliyah - - is that too hard to ask for??? **bleep** you can get them as singles and not the whole album.

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Casual Listener

Have you bought Spotify Premium yet? When you play song, click on the title or the name of the artist, which automatically will redirect you to a whole lot of similar artist. You should try Spotify radio too...