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One song which I'd like to find


One song which I'd like to find


I'd like to please You to help me find one song. I don't know, if this song is on Spotify.

This song was popular maybe at 2000's years, betwen 90's and 00's age. In this song, there are same chord. I am not sure, but It is in c-major and there is 4th and 5th grade of chords (f and g). I think, that are not pure major. I don't know, how to say It in English, because English isn't My native language. In refrain, singer repeated something, like" Got me crazy." It was male singer and in refrain, there was a distorted electric guitar melody. I haven't this song recorded, I've losted somewhere tape of this song. This song is maybe in moderate tempo, somewhere like 1000 BPMS or littlebid higher. Song is in English and also at the beginning of refrain (chorus) some girls sing something, but I don't know what have sung, because in this time I didn't speak English very well. But strophes and also this part in refrain, which I have mentioned abowe sung a male singer.

This song was maybe part of some movie, where I've heard in other version song of liner's horn and ringing of mobile. After some short talk there another phone rang, but It was normal phone and another phone. It was in another version of this some song.

I can't explain You a lot. Maybe those informations are unuseful to You.

Well, thank You for Your help.

Best regards

Marco Oros

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