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Only human by gremlin


Only human by gremlin

Hey one of my top ten fav songs by my fav artist disappeared from my most used playlist, and I was creating a new playlist and couldn't find the song anywhere when I searched for it! Can this song please come back to the Spotify database soon?! I'm not happy that it was removed!

I was thinking of joining Spotify premium, but now am not sure if it would be worth it when I can join YouTube premium and get all the songs I want/need.

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Hey @JaceBroc 


The issue you've encountered is the shadowy side of all streaming sites - nothing in there is available permanently.
Let me explain this. : )


When an artist releases their new music, it is made available on streaming by their label and/or organizations called distributors. Occasionally, the artist or label decides to change something, and for this reason all of the artist's music that's touched by the change is removed for some period of time. For example, an artist can decide to change distributors, and since this swap takes a bit of time to complete. their music is likely unavailable for that period of time.


It's not something Spotify can do much about. This song is still in the database, just greyed out and when you google the track name and add spotify to it, you'll get the track's spotify URL. 🙂


The best way to ensure your favourite music is always with you, is to buy it. Spotify has a Local Files feature that allows you to import your music files, so you can add them to your playlists and listen as you like.

Also, the song may return in near future!


Hope this helps, have a nice day!

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