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Original album unavailable Remastered version broken


Original album unavailable Remastered version broken

I thought we live in 21 century and the point of having streaming service is to get rid of old Vinyls and CDs and I was wrong.

It seems Spotify serving only Remastered versions of albums but access to original mix/master is unavailable.

I started playing music from youtube, same album as on spotify but its original mix/master and it sounds far better. It has more dynamics in it. I can listen it loud. Spotify remastered stuff is simply broken.

I feel I will get those old CDs/Vinyl/Tapes because it seems Spotify try to cut us off out of original artist visions on those albums. This is crazy. They could simply give us choice to play original album. But for some reason we do not have a choice. Funny

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We should have the choice to make our choices especially where we want to be ,exploration of possibilities started with Muzconv and other thirds.

I second you.

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