Pancake day! Top 3...


Pancake day! Top 3...

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Hey folks!

In the offices today we've been discussing Top 3 pancake toppings!
It's been a hot debate, and we've decided disagree 😉


But, here's what some of us came up with:

1: Lemon & Sugar
2: Biscoff (lotus biscuit spread)
3: Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream.

1: Nutella & strawberry,
2: Cheese, bacon & spinach
3: Mexican Chicken


1: Blueberries 

2: Pecans
3: Canadian Maple Syrup 
- Shortlist runners up: Butter, Bananas

1: Chocolates
2: Banana
3: Strawberries
1: Sugar and Lemon
2: Ben & Jerry's
3: Vanilla Ice-cream with loads of berries

My favourites... 
1: Banoffee 
2: Cinnamon and sugar
3: Icecream and cookies

What's the music chat challenge here then?
Let's see how many sweet, sticky pancake songs we can find, and let us know your favorite toppings too!...






Enjoy 🙂 ...(who else is hungry now?!)

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Brb, ordering crêpes..

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If anyone's looking for a good recipe, SpotifyCares have a playlist for that!

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Condensed milk anyone?



What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

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Re: Pancake day! Top 3...

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Re: Pancake day! Top 3...


I usually put on some spotify:track:17PU5g2efXpstCKryrFkua:small syrup, and then sprinkle it with spotify:track:1UFL6AhZKyZoXUxWDgXFok:small

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I can't believe it's Pancake Day, it's really crepe'd up on us this year!

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OK! I have a serious problem here with some of these toppings. Anyone who sacrileges pancakes besides these three toppings, I have a serious issue with. 🙂


1. Real Maple Syrup. Not artificial flavored corn syrup, yuk.

2. Strawberries, can be in a syrup with real cut pieces of strawberries.

3. Blueberries, same as with strawberries as above.


I can tolerant those who use a local honey in place of Maple or fruit based syrups on pancakes.


These topping should be used lightly, as well so much sugar in mornings, might as well head out the back door and say hello to Ralph in the process. 🙂


Anything more than this on pancakes is sacrilege. I seriously get revolted at the Ihop commercials here in the States, the commercials that turn pancakes / waffles / French Toast = An egg coated dipped slices of bread that is fried in a pan, turning these items into an over exploded sweet dessert.