Party music with nice drop!


Party music with nice drop!

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Im trying to make a perfect spotify list with songs that got some kind of power of drop in it, check my list and listen what I mean: 

I will make the list bigger and bigger with new songs I will find and songs that you people suggests Very Happy 

Please be kind and link songs here. Here come's some songs with a nice drop on youtube: 

1 - =R8xTIduE4ns 
2 - =MlchzHT1n14 
3 - =Pu9hND0z9I4 
4 - =LGmpzypGZKs 
5 - =UtXAvKP_D4c 
6 - =NrM6IT6YbqM 
7 - =uDm6WTj_qTM 
8 - =vI9JPbStmBE 


Stay tuned / Joakim

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Really nice list~ Haven't checked the youtube clips but.. Have you tried "Smile" with Joker Inc? Or "Ode to oi" with TJR? They're really sweet!

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you need some proper stuff in here!

Check out Noisia, tut tut child, electrophile, dr meaker, freestylers, ebony dubsters, sub focus, far too loud, dj fresh, correspondents..


thank me after your party goes mental 🙂

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just another quick recommendation for each of those artists! 

Noisia - Split the atom or Alpha Centauri

Tut tut child - made it for me

electrohpile - jazz & groove

dr meaker - fighter

freestylers - cracks

ebony dubsters - ra

sub focus - rock it

far too loud - firestorm

DJ fresh - golddust

correspondents - well measured vice featurecast dub mix


happy listening 🙂


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Feed Me - Strange Behavior is great. If you have a good sound system the drop is tremendous.

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#raccune - Slide Daddy

#raccune – Slide Daddy

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You should check out The Playlist Miner.  You just enter some search terms like "party" and "drop" and the app will look for all the playlists that are related to what you're searching for.  Then you can click a button and it will make a playlist with the top 100 tracks from those playlists.  You can even use boolean operators like "OR" and "NOT" to filter/expand your searches.  Check out this blog, by one of the founders of the Echo Nest, for more information.