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Piano Solos


Piano Solos

I am curious to know if there are here a few (or tons) of fans of piano music in the broadest possible sense:


- hard core classical music like Mozart, Haydn, Schubert

- contemporary classical like Debussy or Satie

- hard core avantgarde like Schönberg or Stockhausen

- so-called modern / minimal piano light ballades like Einaudi, Nyman, Glass

- Pop instrumentals (for piano...)

- Latin (salsa, tango, bossa nova...)


or any other category I am forgetting now


For instance, is there any K-pop for solo piano?


68 Replies

Great fan of the piano.


Mostly of

- contemporary classical like Debussy or Satie

- hard core avantgarde like Schönberg or Stockhausen

- so-called modern / minimal piano light ballades like Einaudi, Nyman, Glass


My favorite is Olivier Messiean of the avantgarde.


And two i found on spotify of the modern/minimal kind

Carlos Cipa

Stefano Guzzetti

This is great, Roberto (¿italiano?).

I fon't think it is still possible to do interests groups on Spotify, but we shold definitely try to find a way of sticking together or at least in connection. For instance, I didn't know the 2 artists you mention and they are enriching my music library now.

Are you also an artist or mainly a "user"?


Messiaen is also one of my idols... not only his piano music, of course.


belle cose

Juan María

Hi Juan,


Im dutch. No Italiano. Sadly 🙂 because it is a beautifull country.


I wish also there was an interrestgroup of classical music. Now i try to respond to the few messages there are on the playlist exchange. I will follow you on spotify and include a few off your songs in my list. Always intterested in new artists. I myself enjoy listening but do not play myself.


Feel free to listen to the piano playlists on spotify. You will probaly find yourself in 1 of them in the future.



Hi Roberto, now I understand the "NL" in your nickname...


A nice suprise that you are following my profile (I am also following yours...) and that you consider including some of my music in your playlists.


By the way, I composed a piece called "Rutilance (prelude a la maniere de Messiaen)" which will be a perfect pitch for your other playlist - when I record it... some day. I played it live on several ocassions but there is not even a version on Youtube yet.  I will let you know.




is your music? nice sound. Adding to my playlist modern piano

I do like all!

Prefer classical.


Jorge Segovia


------------------------------------------------------Follow me

Jorge Segovia on facebook

I like "classical" piano (if you want to get "picky", Mozart and Haydn were from the Classical period, Schubert and Beethoven were from the Romantic period) but not a steady diet of piano solos.  Same with harpsichord and organ.  I do love chamber music from those eras that includes piano (or not), though--trios, quartets, quintets, etc.  My favorite pianist of all time has to be Artur Rubenstein.

Interesting.  Did you compose most of the music on your albums?

@rosiecar about classical... when I studied music history, neo-classical were Prokofiev or Strawinsky, maybe Poulenc & Co. Now, under neo-classical they mean Ludovico Einaudi. Which technically would be neo-romantic. 

@rosiecar Is a mix; it depends on which album. The initial formula was 2/3 my music, 1/3 by others. In the next one I will include one Chopin waltz (and one Chinese popular melody!), the rest is mine.

But on my album with Saxophone, only 1/4 were my own compositions.

It depends.


If you like classical music, you might like my Classical period playlist.

It's a work in progress, as I'm starting with one piece or work by each Classical period composer (that I can find), in order of the composer's birth.  I'm compiling this in part for music to study with, so there's no vocal music (opera, choral, etc.) nor organ solos.  I also don't include much solo harpsichord or piano, but piano/harpsichord ensembles and piano concertos are included.  I still have a long way to go (there were a LOT of composers in that period), and I may add a second or even third "round" of pieces for each composer (how do you pick just ONE work by Mozart or Haydn?).

I just discovered a Classical comopser named Leopold Kozeluch.  He wrote a TON of sonatas for piano (as well as ensembles), and Spotify has a ton to choose from.  Here's his page:

@rosiecar consider including also some piano music by Dussek., You put a Symphonie, I know. He was a personal friend of Mozart, as you possibly know.

best wishes

Juan María

Nice music!

If I add another piece by each composer, I will look into that.  The playlist is already over 59 hours, so I'm debating about that.

You must not add, you can replace, @rosiecar

I figured my recent piano/electronic playlist my be relevent to this thread. Ranges from classical to hardcore to J-pop, with all tracks including piano:


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