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Please help me find a song 2009-12


Please help me find a song 2009-12

Hello, please help me to find one song, which I wanna find from 2013 (8 years!). Below, I write all what I know about this song.


I first listen her when I buy my first smartphone - HTC One S at 2013 in Ukraine, that song originaly was there by default (I don't know exactly about this, maybe all those phone has her or maybe shop's owners uploaded song in that phone). After a few months I reset my phone and all those songs was deleted. And after this I start searching. 

I don't remember title and band (or it was not a band), all I remembering that the appearance of the album (see picture below - that's how approximately he looks like, with those purple tones. And I'm sure, that the picture of that album does not have any humans, animals or anything, just purple tones and maybe some golden lines).

Song was, I think, electric/alternative genre and there was only one woman voice, who singing. I don't excactly remember lyrics, but I thinks there was words like "... Inside…. (some relaxing music plays and something like a chorus) …Close your eyes…. ( and again some relaxing music)".

I think that song was from 2009-2012 because with her was another song "Body Language - Social Students", which one written at 2010-2011. 

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I've been having a look for this since I saw your post a few days ago, and I believe I've found the song you're looking for!! The song I've found is called 'Close Your Eyes' by Miguel Migs feat. Meshell Ndegeocello. Here is a Spotify link to the original song and the various remixes:


I found the list of preloaded songs from the HTC One S on an online forum and from you describing the lyrics 'close your eyes' it was pretty easy to figure out that the song had that title! 


I really hope this is what you've been looking for 😊





I just hear it and crying, I don't know how to thank you. 
Please give me your youtube channel name or some sort of it, I will like all your videos and post comments below of each. God bless you ^_^ =* ❤️

It's no problem at all! Thank you for your kind words. Feel free to message me through my Spotify Community profile if you ever need to find more songs like this and I'll be happy to help! 😊 xx

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