Podcasts: Flirty February


Podcasts: Flirty February


Hey folks,


Happy February! We hope this post finds you well.


Perhaps the cynic in you has had enough of cute couples proclaiming their love for each other on social media this month; or perhaps your inquisitive mind has a natural curiosity for the science and philosophy behind matters of the heart.


Whether your heart's on fire or you’re just looking for a good time, we think there’s a podcast for everyone in this playful edition of our monthly podcast selection.


So get cozy, light a fire, and listen in.


1. Modern Love (WBUR/The New York Times)


“Modern Love” started out as a popular column in the New York Times, but soon evolved into a podcast format which features notable guests reading an essay from the regular column.


In the words of the editors, the essays aim to “explore the joys and tribulations of love”. This podcast is a trusty companion for those who are looking to gain perspective on romantic relationships and who are keen to learn how to navigate through love’s inevitable perils and pitfalls in this technological age of instant but often faulty communication.


Scrolling through the list of available episodes reveals some curious titles which feature the familiar voices of the likes of Willem Dafoe and Rachel Weisz. Perhaps a good place to start is the 100th episode, which highlights some of the best, most poignant stories that came before:




2. My Dad Wrote A Porno


Striking as the title may be, it is indeed the subject of this hilarious independent British podcast.


It started off as a group of friends getting together to read aloud and record the erotic saga which co-host Jamie Morton’s dad wrote, called “Belinda Blinked”.


Together, they tear to shreds the titular protagonist and her questionable career choices, whilst picking apart the plot holes and the other absurd, two-dimensional characters we meet along the way.


The author’s leering eye for explicit detail, combined with his work’s complete lack of narrative coherence, make for an unintentional comedic masterpiece, and the hosts’ attempt to try and make sense of it all while stifling their uncontrollable laughter is highly entertaining.


The podcast has garnered somewhat of a cult following since it was first aired in late-2015, with Hollywood celebrity fans such as Elijah Wood and Nicholas Hoult coming on the show. They even have a live show which has toured the British Isles, North America and Australasia.


Having covered four erotic novels in as many years in their podcast, you won’t find yourself short of listening material. See if you can stop yourself from grinning even just a little as you listen to the first chapter of the inimitable work of literature that is “Belinda Blinked”:




PS If you're feeling like a laugh and you happened to miss last month's Joking January post, make sure to check it out here.


3. Close Encounters (The Guardian)


Last but not least, we have a podcast which is sure to draw your attention.


Its subject matter is considered taboo by most, and can often verge on the uncomfortable if you’re not used to such unguarded and honest conversation about sex.


Having said that, the show’s host, Alix Fox, is admirably unflinching in her exploration of the weirdness and wonder of our bodies. In doing so, she strikes a balanced and respectful tone, but she never shies away from the nitty-gritty detail and insists on calling things by their proper names.


The series is short but sweet (only 10 episodes long), at once messy and beautiful, and, ultimately incredibly timely. It leads by example in encouraging a purposely more direct conversation about one of the things which society stigmatises the most, namely our outer appearance, especially if it doesn’t conform to what is considered ‘normal’.


Just as a heads-up, this podcast contains some explicit content which is not for everyone’s ears, so make sure to pop your headphones on in order to avoid any unwanted attention from those around you.




That’s all for this month! Before you go, we’d love to hear which podcasts have been making you feel all bubbly during Flirty February, so if you have any recommendations, feel free to share them with the rest of the Community in this thread!


And while you’re at it, why not tell us a little something about what you love about your podcast or episode of choice - we’re all ears.


Thanks for reading! See you in March 🙂

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I have a track which may be fitting for a future episode background application. Thank you for checking this song out when time permits and congrats on the success of your podcast as well! -Trey:)


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10/10 post.

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I’d be down to be a guest on any podcast