Pride music from all over the world! 🌈

Pride music from all over the world! 🌈

Hey folks!


Today it's the Pride parade in my home city and I wanted to start this topic to gather up some songs from LGBTQ+ artists and activists from all around the globe.


I can start things up with Ivo Dimchev who is famous in the Balkan region for his somewhat controversial yet thought provoking art pieces - he's not only a singer, but a choreographer and contemporary artist as well. 


I would be so happy to hear some proud artists from your part of the world πŸŒˆ

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That's amazing, what is event all about in relation to music?

Most of us already know how important the arts are to the LGBTQ+ community. Whether that's watching the best LGBTQ movies, reading great books by LGBTQ authors, one of the best ways to celebrate Pride is through music β€” even if you don't have a celebratory bash planned. Each of these songs captures the spirit and strength of the LGBTQ community in all its gorgeous diversity. Regardless of your particular taste, there's bound to be something here that will get your toes tapping. So press play and let your rainbow flag fly. And because we love a good fashion moment, don't forget to don your best Pride apparel (and your most colorful rainbow makeup) while you do.


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